wow! Liverpool went through Inter Milan’s goal with a fast break!

Alonso’s over 40 yards over the top accurately assisted Qin Xiong’s offside without stopping and headed the ball directly to Inter Milan’s goal!
Inter Milan paid the price for their forward formation so that Liverpool could fight back, which was the worst thing.
Barcelona and Real Madrid have been defeated by Liverpool’s counterattack this season. Will Inter Milan make the same mistake today?
Benitez’s face was not good on the sidelines, but Coleman looked calm.
In fact, if Inter Milan want to attack crazily, Coleman will love it.
Let Liverpool play positional warfare and counterattack. Obviously, the latter is less difficult, with both speed and organizational efficiency. Isn’t counterattack a hit?
Inter Milan don’t know what medicine they took today.
Perhaps losing the Champions League has become a nightmare for them. When they have the opportunity to cut Liverpool to pieces, they will naturally show no mercy.
Unfortunately, the reality is always to measure a strength.
Inter Milan are still on the offensive after the game is resumed.
In the 27th minute of the game, Eto ‘Oche found the African cheetah on the right side of the penalty area. Unfortunately, Eto ‘o’s shot angle was a little small, and Reina finally held the ball in his arms.
Four minutes later, the Liverpool played a fast break in the frontcourt. Qin Xiong attracted the defensive attention of Sadie, Mai Kong and Cambiaso in the individual attack, and then he transferred the ball to the middle and handed it to Gerrard.
Gerrard sent a wonderful kick, Raul turned offside and rushed through Lucio’s defense zone, which has formed a singlehandedly going to the meeting.
Raul actually hit the post when Cesar rushed out of the restricted area to defend, and then Chivo cleared it for Bigfoot!
Although Liverpool’s attack times are not as good as Inter Milan’s, every attack seems to kill Inter Milan!
In the 36th minute of the game, Milito created a longrange shot in front of the restricted area. Mascherano was dodged by the fake shot in the defense, and then the arc ball from the goal hit the post and popped up!
Mei Acha stands Inter Milan fans are going crazy.
I don’t know, I always feel that even God doesn’t care about the Nerazzurri in this game today.
Liverpool, on the other hand, have become more and more calm in attack, and they have completely entered the game state
In the 39 th minute of the game, when insua also boldly assisted, Inter Milan’s rightwing defense appeared flaw.
When Sadie went to force insua, Mai Kong was worried that Qin Xiong would insert himself into the defense zone and dare not leave the position easily, but Qin Xiong cut across the middle of the frontcourt. When insua short the ball to Qin Xiong’s foot, Cambiaso was sticking it to force it.
Qin Xiong’s foot easily dialed the ball to Steven Gerrard’s side and then turned around and rushed straight ahead of Cambiaso.
Gerrard quickly threw the ball out before Motta got close to him, and once again it reached Qin Xiong’s foot.
At this time, Qin Xiong Raul Kuyt has already forced himself to the front of Inter Milan’s back line.
In front of Samuel, Qin Xiong crosses the ball to Kuyt’s foot on the right in front of the penalty area.
After Kuyt stopped the ball, he observed Raul’s oblique insertion behind Lucio, and he decisively sent a direct plug.
Raul entered the right area of the penalty area and formed a singlehanded ball, but the chance of slanting to the goal was not particularly good.
Cesar rushed to the side near the post. Raul didn’t take the trouble to observe calmly, and then kicked the ball back to the antiskid shovel. Lucio failed in defense!
Raul then went to the far point in front of the door.
Samuel Cesar didn’t even touch the football.
When Mai Kong rushed to the rescue, someone shoveled the ball into the goal faster than him!
After the football rolled into the goal, the man got up, panting and smiling.
Qin Xiongmei twice! He helped Liverpool lead Inter Milan 20 away!
Inter Milan’s tactical setting today is absolutely wrong. Did the player play personally? When they gave Liverpool more forwards, Raul Qin Xiong was better than Liverpool. Every offensive player was able to play with his teammates and made Inter Milan’s defense appear huge flaws!
It is understandable that Benitez wants to beat Liverpool at home, but how to achieve it?
They are facing the defending champions of the Champions League!
Inter Milan’s generals look stubborn. They really want revenge on Liverpool with a cavity of anger, but now the reality is that Liverpool has come to their doorstep to show off!
Perhaps, as the fans in the stands think, Inter Milan has a vengeful heart, but it really has no revenge strength!
Red Army fans are naturally happier than they are. They don’t care about Inter Milan’s hatred. It is enough to make people happy to see the superstar shine in Mei Acha.
Coleman clapped his hands on the sidelines and felt quite relieved.
If Inter Milan could calm down, it might really put Liverpool in a difficult situation.
But Liverpool really have nothing to worry about if we play like Inter Milan’s halftime.
Opportunities can definitely be created, not whether they can be grasped.
Benitez was like being poured cold water from head to toe, and he suddenly woke up as a tactical master.
It can’t be said that Inter Milan’s halfcourt tactics are absolutely wrong. It can be said that Inter Milan misjudged the combat effectiveness of Liverpool in the near future.
The absence of a few generals and the expedition of the team are really not enough for Inter Milan to bombard without worrying about it.
Benitez needs to reformulate his tactics at halftime to face the game. To be continued.
桑拿会所[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. I am worried that he will be blasted]
Inter Milan Liverpool Champions League group match ends at halftime.
Inter Milan fans were greatly disappointed. In their expectation, Major General Liverpool was two goals ahead of them in Mei Acha.
Liverpool walked into the dressing room with confidence.