Qin Xiong changed direction and cut the direction of the restricted area when he was still 5 meters away. This time, he cut with an acceleration explosion, which made it difficult for salgado to keep pace with Qin Xiong.

Ramos is the player with the lowest score in the first round. He is very afraid of Qin Xiong’s crosscutting. At this time, he is worried that Qin Xiong will continue to dribble horizontally in the front of the restricted area and then find the right opportunity to shoot.
Just when there was a significant pause in the rhythm of Qin Xiong’s ball trip, Ramos took the initiative to move the center of gravity to the middle, but Qin Xiong did not continue to move to the middle, but rushed straight forward from his side. Ramos raised his feet to sweep Qin Xiong’s foot. The ball had passed Qin Xiong’s dodge to sweep his legs, but his speed broke out inevitably.
Salgado central defender Bravo came to defend Qin Xiong Graveson, who had already been in the penalty area and blocked Henry.
At this moment, Qin Xiong can barely start shooting, but after seeing the eyes blocking the near post, casillas Qin Xiong knows that there will be no unexpected gains from barely starting, but the opponent is a worldclass goalkeeper
So he chose the ball at the end.
Back to the top of the restricted area arc!
In the highspeed running, he turned around and pushed the arch of the ball out. He leaned back and rolled over in the restricted area.
The football rolled through the narrow gap in Ramos Bravo, and Guti was just about to intercept Pires, who came out of his side and shot directly with his right foot without stopping in a small range!
Pires doesn’t shoot fast, but he wins at a sharp angle!
Casillas ran in the direction of the far post in a hurry, but after running halfway, he flew out to save it, which was obviously slow. The football hit the side of the post and bounced into the goal!
Highbury is boiling! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has not been unsheathed, and it has become a front. 519 Broken Galaxy battleship]
Pires scored a goal and won applause from fans. Arsenal scored this goal and almost shot down Real Madrid!
From three goals behind to four goals behind, Real Madrid is in a desperate situation!
Pires shattered Real Madrid’s hope of reversing Arsenal! However, although there are still more than 7 minutes to reverse the game, Arsenal’s four goals are so difficult that it is almost impossible to complete, and through just ten minutes of the game, we found a problem, which is the hot topic in Fleet Street recently.
The Premier League is becoming the first league in the world!
There is no denying that La Liga has a higher technical content, but in the past two years, the speed and physical strength advantages of Premier League teams in the European War have become more and more obvious. Today, Real Madrid players have just started the game, but they seem to have the heart to run. They are always slower than Arsenal’s rhythm and are easily broken by their opponents’ speed and explosive power. This phenomenon has not been ignored!
桑拿论坛If Real Madrid continues to give Arsenal such an opportunity, how sure can they prevent their headon speed impact on Real Madrid?
In fact, it is of little significance to argue who is the world’s first league, because even if La Liga is not the world’s first league, Real Madrid or Real Madrid Barcelona or Barcelona Premier League is not the world’s first league, Manchester United is still Manchester United.
However, there are still differences in the characteristics of the league
In the rapid development of the Premier League after the new millennium, the speed of destruction and perseverance of physical characteristics have shaped this characteristic into an advantage. Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal all take advantage of this advantage in the European war to defeat powerful opponents.
Of course, Manchester United belong to the gutter capsize in the season and go home in the group stage, which is not representative in the European war in the season.
Real Madrid players faced the goal of the team, which was really a leak. It rained all night, and their mental will suffered a great blow.
Did the game just end in suspense?
The battle at Highbury made Real Madrid very uncomfortable.
Arsenal Qin Xiong and Fabregas control the scene in the middle axis. Real Madrid wants to fight back but has the heart. Although Arsenal is not radical, the running distance is the data wind.
Because they are persistent in running and maintaining a stable possession advantage.
In this way, Real Madrid can reduce the number of attacks. Secondly, every time they have to delay their formation and avoid being pierced by Arsenal again, they have to fight hard when they turn their heads to shake Arsenal’s defense.
Ronaldo’s performance in the last game has improved, but it is a pity that the team has fewer offensive opportunities and it is even less pitiful to create opportunities for him.
In the 27th minute of the game, he only responded to Beckham’s middle ball and barely headed the goal, which was solved by Lehmann at the goal line with great difficulty.
When Real Madrid can’t attack, Arsenal’s fast break always gives them the willies.
In the 33rd minute of the game, Fabregas’ backcourt inclined long Pires met the ball from the left side and forced the back line. In front of the penalty area, he flashed the ball across Qin Xiong and sprinted from behind to meet the ball. He shot a low flat ball and almost penetrated casillas’s fingers.
casillas made a worldclass save. He blocked Qin Xiong’s longrange shot from Carlos’ big foot to solve the danger.
Real Madrid wants to play fast, although their players are not as fast as Arsenal’s, but the offensive speed is not only driven by the players running but also by the ball!
Because players can’t run faster than football.
The prospective goalkeeper can also give the striker a chance to score a goal in 5 seconds.
But Real Madrid will find that the game is not the same thing at all.
Arsenal rely on three or four players for each attack. After Arsenal’s attack is over, they want to play again. Speed depends on the ball?
In the opposite half, Arsenal’s defense is tight and neat, and the ground ball will be intercepted by Arsenal players during rolling, and the high ball delivery lacks strong fulcrum.
The game is much more difficult than they thought.
On the contrary, Arsenal are more effective in speed impact.
Before the end of the halftime, Qin Xiong sent Henry a touchdown ball. Henry pulled the ball back and shook it in the penalty area. Bravo even deceived casillas, but he rubbed the far corner of the goal at the first time and slipped through the door!
At the end of the halfgame, Arsenal scored at the beginning of the game to rewrite the total score. 4: They walked into the players’ tunnel with pride and confidence.
There are only 45 minutes left for Real Madrid to score four goals less. According to today’s situation, it should be difficult to achieve it, especially if Real Madrid is now in a contradictory situation and does not want to be eliminated after two rounds of big defeat. They will strengthen their defense and have to say that Real Madrid now has a coach who lacks improvisation and high standards. Will Real Madrid go from the half? We are waiting for it.
The smashed Galaxy battleship didn’t make a storm at halftime. It is difficult to create a threat when they attack. Arsenal attacked when they had the opportunity, but slowed down when they didn’t have a good opportunity. The game rhythm was constantly reset, which made Real Madrid angry but vented!
Wenger is calm on the sidelines. Although he is full of confidence in Arsenal’s progress at home, he prefers to test the implementation effect of an Arsenal tactic.
Arsene Wenger was eliminated by Chelsea last season. No matter how you look at it, Arsenal’s configuration is stronger this season.
However, a radical offensive road did not bring Arsenal the expected victory and let them reach the top of the Champions League.
The season is limited by realistic conditions, and Arsenal’s reform is due to the stability department’s thinking to avoid a big crash and people’s hearts are in turmoil.
Even if the midseason has proved that there is no problem with the team’s unity and cohesion.