But looking at all the people around her waiting for so many people, she can’t explain it again. You’re hungry when you’re late. Let’s go in and talk over dinner.

So this sentence has become the hostess tonight.
Sisterinlaw Jane extraordinary also meet up.
This’ sisterinlaw’ made Britain feel especially hard recently
She naturally thanked Jane for taking Jane’s place. I didn’t expect Jane to borrow the ladder. Sisterinlaw, you know I’m working hard. Just let my brother come back and help me. I’m exhausted.
Ying chuckled. I didn’t expect this Jane to act like this, but she didn’t miss Jane’s point. It’s been a few days since she came back. He didn’t just mean to marry her, but he didn’t seem to mean to go back to Jane’s.
Forgive her for the reason. I really don’t understand
Sisterinlaw, don’t tell me that you and my brother are in charge, so I’ll jump off the building at once. Perhaps it’s the feeling of seeing Jing Luan and Jane in a good mood, and Jane is finally back to play around.
Chapter 121 Goufu’s Notes (21)
Jane shook her head and laughed, and her eyes warned that she passed Jane’s extraordinary face and fell behind Jane’s extraordinary body. This is …
Ask Jing Luan if he saved me and provoked me. Jane has a feeling of being afraid of being entangled
Jane walked over politely and the gentleman continued to Lai, Hello, I’m Jane’s extraordinary brother.
Lai Xuxu is going crazy tonight. What kind of dumb luck has she left? Tonight, she not only met Jiang Junyue, but also met Jane Fei from these two cities. The girl in the city’s business world knows everyone. I didn’t expect that she met Jane Xiaojing in one hand and was going to pick up Jane Fei from her hand after one night.
I didn’t expect Ying Yi to rush over. I’ll just take his place if I have to leave my hand.
Not far away, Lan Jingyi smiled slightly when he saw this scene, and the reason why Bai Gang’s hand ached turned out to be English vinegar.
But I didn’t expect her Jane to be nothing long ago, but English was still jealous, which shows how much English loves Jane.
Love makes you jealous, right?
Lai Xu’s hands are full of sweat. Hello, you … This painting style has changed too fast, from simple to strange. Jane is called Mo Ying’s sisterinlaw. What should she be called?
Mrs. Jane
But Mo Ying Jane is not married, is she?
There is never news of Jane’s divorce in the hexagrams she heard here.
Jane looked at Lai’s bewildered appearance and frowned, calling her sisterinlaw.
Lai Xuxu’s mouth opened wide and Jane asked her to call her sisterinlaw?
Wouldn’t that be the end of Jane?
It’s as if she had an affair with Jane.
Seeing that everyone was watching, if she didn’t call, she just didn’t give Jane a special face, hesitated for a long time, or called a good sisterinlaw
How are you? Ying patted Lai Xu’s hand in a cheerful mood. This child is Jane Xiaojing, isn’t it? It’s so cute. Come and give me a hug.
Uhhuh. Lai continued and immediately handed Jian Xiaojing to Ying Ying. It is the mother’s posture of holding the child that is generous and skillful, but it is more obvious than Lai continued’s immature physique.
Good good elephant metaphor color looked up at the little guy, who actually liked Jane Xiaojing very much and hit it off at first sight.
Well, let’s go in. Jane was really late when she left to see it. Jane and Jiang Junyue waited for him and Yingdang to eat some snacks and didn’t have dinner, which made him very embarrassed.
He is really not used to keeping people waiting.
It’s natural that the table for a table is next to Jane on the left and Lan Jingyi on the right. On the other side is Jiang Junyue, and then Jane Extraordinary and Lai Xu. The six adults are naturally divided into three pairs. Next to Lai Xu is Jing Luan Jing Luan and next to Jane Fei. This position is perfect.
Don’t even say hello until you come back so long, do you have to punish three cups first? Jiang Junyue raised his glass and looked at Jane Fei smilingly. It’s good that Jane Fei is away from Jane Fei now. Otherwise, his wife seems to have been born with a pair of worrying people. Before worrying about her constitution, she was worried about Ji Weiyan. Later, she was worried that Jane Fei was away from this. It made him a husband.
桑拿论坛Good Jane is also apologetic, raised her glass, touched it by Jiang Junyue, and then drank it.
Hand Yiqing is just a blink of an eye. His glass is in the hands of the British. Jiang Zong A Lang can’t drink alcohol at the beginning of his body. You said that I will do it for these three cups. The British said, and he turned to pour the second cup.
Since it’s Miss Stranger who drinks that cup, it’s good to dump it. Don’t be ridiculous. Lanjingyi stared at Jiang Junyue.
Oh, miss stranger is really generous. I also heard about it, but even if he is physically ill, it’s okay to drink three cups. This wine is not harmful to spirits. I don’t want Jiang Junyue to just give Blue View a decent face today, so I have to simply drink.
It’s not hard liquor, either. I’m not interested in English saying that he can’t drink it, so he can’t drink it. If Mr. Jiang wants him to drink it, then he has a problem with me. English slightly raised his eyebrows and blew his face, mixed with unruly face, which actually made people feel a little fearful, but it was limited to the surrounding students, and definitely did not include Jiang Junyue.
Dare? Jiang Junyue was amused. It was the first time that he met such a generous woman. Some people were not used to the imposing manner, and suddenly they became weak. After all, it was really bad for him to say that a man can never be as knowledgeable as a woman. It is not good for him to force Jane to leave drinking again.
Britain was satisfied with this, regardless of Lan Jingyi’s dissuasion and even two cups of work.
Jane Fei frowned slightly and tried to persuade her, but he really couldn’t persuade her on such an occasion, and he himself really couldn’t drink more. He was in a coma for so long, and it didn’t take long before he woke up, so he absolutely couldn’t drink as much as he wanted.
After three glasses of wine, Ying began to pour again.
English … Jane not from big hand to hand her with a bottle of small hand to stop her from continuing to drink so he promised that she would be drunk tonight.
I must drink three glasses of wine to apologize for disturbing Jiang Zong and Mrs. Jiang A Lang in the second town.
Miss Mo, you were also worried about Jing Luan’s safety at that time. We don’t blame you. Lan Jingyi smiled and she really didn’t blame.
Blame me me. Blame me me. If I had listened to A Lang, there wouldn’t have been such a mess. Come on, I’ll drink the first cup. This cup is an apology to General Jiang. I’m sorry that you were hurt at that time.
One cup into the stomach and another this one is my wife Jingjiang who scared you at that time