She let go of Miss Mujia’s pride and has been with him. Zimmer has been very kind to her, but she has never been in her heart.

She directly stretched out her hand and shook off Zimmer’s hand and said, I don’t believe it.
She said and raised her steps and left directly.
Took two steps to look at Zimmer and swallowed his emotions. Don’t follow me. I don’t want to see you now.
At the sight of this Zimmer body suddenly froze.
He raised his steps to follow the past. At this time, he saw Li Fu standing at the door of the ward with a casual glance.
His face was slightly sluggish.
I don’t know how long Li Fu has been there. Zimmer’s face was unnatural for a moment and he didn’t say much. He just raised his steps and left.
Li came back and Lu Jin was about to lie down and have a rest when her cell phone rang.
It’s a text message from a strange number
There is a word bitch, but Lu Jin took one look and knew who sent it.
Think about such childish behavior and know that it should be JiShanshan.
When she was about to edit the short message reply with her mobile phone, her mobile phone was suddenly taken away by someone. When she looked up, she saw Li Fu coming over and staring at her mobile phone with eyebrows beside her.
Who is this? Li Fu eyebrows moved.
It’s naive not to know. She shook her head
Li Fu’s thin lips took a sip of his hand and pressed a few keys, then he returned the phone to Lu Jin.
Lu Jin glanced at the corner of her mouth. It was really Li Fu’s style to roll directly.
Poof, this is really like uncle Li’s style
She thought about it and edited a short message. I’m sorry, that was Li’s relapse. Never mind.
I was laughing when I finished my hair, but I felt a sense of loss of sight. When I looked up, I saw Li Fu looking at myself.
She couldn’t help asking, What’s the matter?
Li Fu’s face was pale and he poured a glass of water and said casually, Muke is pregnant.
who? She didn’t hear clearly in one leng.
Muke Li Fu squints word for word
Chapter 233 Buy off
Oh … She nodded after the white turned out to be pregnant. She didn’t even notice it just now.
Seeing this, Li Fu raised an eyebrow at her and said, Is Zimmer sorry for your exboyfriend?
Li Fu looked at her with some Gherardini when he said this.
Smell speech Liu Jin lifted her eyelids and glanced at him without answering. Instead, she said, Just put the old lady away by you, and JiShanshan also cried. You have a good marriage. It may be so yellow. I didn’t know you were sorry.
Section 465
Say that finish, she saw the eyes Li Fu that Zhang Jun face secretly agitated.
What does a big man do when he looks so good? It’s a good thing that a lot of rotten peaches can’t be cut clean!
She didn’t good the spirit white at the thought of this Li Fu turned around and didn’t want to talk to him.
Seeing this, Li Fu sat beside her and stared at her for a long time and sighed, I asked you why you are still angry?
no! She rolled her eyes.
My eyes are about to pop out and I say no, forget it. I won’t ask, okay? Li Fu’s mouth is hooked. When are you going to say something?
Lu Jin suddenly turned around and stared at him. Why don’t you ask what you are avoiding?
… escape? Li Fu looked at her and frowned.
You don’t escape. Why don’t you suddenly ask? Are you really sorry? People around you advise you and that miss terms … Her words haven’t finished yet.
Li Fu suddenly looked at her with a face of deep meaning. You are … obsessed.
I don’t care. Leave me alone. She turned and left her pie mouth.
angry? Li Fu’s thin lips took a sip. How can angry words be saved? A foie gras?
The little wife still turned her back on him and ignored him.
Li Fu’s face remained unchanged and he continued, Baked tofu with foie gras in Nanjiawan?
Ms Lu still didn’t move, but her eyebrows moved slightly.
Li Fu’s eyes continued deeply to New Zealand cowboy bone?
Lu Jin moved, Li Fu raised his eyebrows and said a few more things. Finally, he asked, Is this ok?
Ms. Lu turned and glanced at him. There’s a cabinet of macaroni! Macaroni! Macaroni! And I want to be spicy, super spicy, abnormal, spicy, devil spicy!
Li Fu’s face turned black at the smell of words.
Lu Jin ! ! !”
You are not afraid of spicy death! Li Fu Ning Mei
“! ! !”
The two men looked at each other for a long time. Li Fu turned to one side and Zhou Lang said, Do you remember everything?
It’s …
Li Fu eyebrows a long time, macaroni … slightly spicy.
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