At this time, Giggs suddenly sent a pick.

Football flew from the front left half of the restricted area to the right half of the restricted area, and an imaginative pick appeared in everyone’s sight
Johnson Mascherano’s doubleteam defense failed!
Mascherano looked back and saw Rooney pulling to the right front of the penalty area. He didn’t get rid of Agger, but Agger had to follow Rooney to guard. Then Berbatov was guarded in front of the door. Mascherano immediately retreated straight to guard Berbatov, the little brother.
Rooney stopped the ball on the right side of the top corner of the small restricted area and then when Agger rushed over, he deflected the ball and passed Agger!
spa会所Then when Rooney thought he would get a very good shot, he never expected goalkeeper Reina to appear in front of him!
In fact, Reina is putting all his eggs in one basket to take a risk because he doesn’t believe in Daniel Agger. Neither of Liverpool’s two central defenders, Skrtel and Agger, has reached the worldclass level. When France uses close defense to contain the opponent’s attack, it is very likely that there will be problems in their defense. Mascherano Alonso Gerard, a worldclass midfielder, used to be the cover in the back line to make up for the defense strength.
When Ryan Giggs was sure to give it to Rooney, Reina abandoned the door and rushed to Rooney.
After Rooney changed direction and broke through Agger, Reina threw herself in front of Rooney and pressed the ball before Rooney made a technical move!
There are not many digits in the stands. Red Devils fans are very disappointed when they see this scene!
Rooney was disappointed himself. He closed his eyes and shook his head. Unbelievable.
Rooney missed a golden opportunity. Maybe he chose the wrong breakthrough direction in the restricted area. Maybe he should try a difficult shot and volley at the first time, but he chose a normal but not difficult way to break through and expand his shooting angle, and then Reina directly confiscated the ball. Manchester United missed a golden opportunity.
We should feel sorry for Manchester United, and Rooney should feel sorry for Rooney’s blockbuster in the European Cup in the summer of 24 years. Qin Xiong rose to fame in the Champions League final. The two of them can be described as the new stars of the same era. In the same summer, Rooney joined Manchester United and was worth three times as much as transferring to Arsenal Qin Xiong. However, after seven years, Qin Xiong has become an absolute superstar on this planet. But what about Rooney? He does have many champions, but compared with Qin Xiong, the team’s personal achievements are far from perfect. Especially now, he may have the strength to make people see him close to being the strongest striker. However, the World Cup is in a downturn, and the number of goals has slipped sharply in the new season, which makes us wonder if Rooney and Ronaldo Messi Qin Xiong are really the same level superstars?
Rooney is very strong and fighting spirit. After Manchester United fell behind, he took the initiative to retreat to Scholes to share the pressure of offensive organization and help the team to attack and defend in series.
However, this has led to another problem. Berbatov, the little brother, is unable to support himself in the Liverpool defense zone. It is difficult for him to complete the deadly attack alone.
In the 44th minute of the game, Liverpool launched a fast break again after Michael Carrick was cleared by Johnson’s header.
This time, near the center line, Qin Xiong approached Gerrard actively, forming a meireles triangle behind Qin Xiong’s parallel Gerrard.
It is three players who are in such a position that Manchester United’s defense line is afraid.
Because the three of them are running and cutting, they have reached the peak!
As a result, Rooney Scholes, O ‘Shea, Carrick, Nani Giggs, and many Manchester United players rushed over to grab.
Football rolled from meireles’s foot to Qin Xiong’s face.
Qin Xiong observed the situation in the frontcourt before touching the ball.
Due to Manchester United’s midfield encirclement and suppression, the midfielder pressed forward a lot, which led to the extension of the back line distance of the midfield line.
Then Suarez will have enough freedom to play in front of the back line.
Qin Xiong broke the ball and went straight through the gear when touching it, and the ball went from Carrick’s legs behind him.
Suarez turned his back and stopped the ball in front of Brown. Suarez could feel the pressure he felt during Manchester United’s game today.
It’s not huge. On the contrary, it’s easier than a game against West Ham United!
Because his teammates are all substitutes in a game, Suarez is the core of the attack, but it is difficult to play his own characteristics in the close defense.
Today is different. When Qin Xiong and Steven Gerrard are present, they are very resourceful. Now Suarez has created a good attack.
No waist to interfere with Suarez!
But this is the key, and Kuyt has also contained Evra Suarez. It is enough to face Brown and Smalin.
Suarez turned to the right after stopping the ball with his back. As soon as he moved, Brown immediately turned with Suarez, but Brown saw that the football did not move!
Suarez turned around and faked it!
Faster and more flexible, the Uruguayan striker immediately turned from the other side and stepped forward at the same time!
Seeing that Brown’s defense was broken, Smalin immediately moved sideways.
Suarez ignored Smalin’s trip to the penalty area, and it was faster. Suarez volleyed before Smalin got to his side!