As it was ordered by the head of the regiment, they nodded and walked towards the door without refusing.

When they passed Natsume on the way, they stared at him together, but Natsume’s meeting was refreshing and smiling.
Seeing the two people leaving, Heathcliff rose from his position.
Look at him, Natsume found himself and his height has a gap.
If it is the original body, it will be fine, but now the height difference will shorten the attack range. Once Heathcliff fights, it will definitely become a difficult factor.
The higher the figure, the longer the general arm will be, and the long arm will expand the attack range and increase the centrifugal force, and the chop will be much stronger.
Then, Natsume has an advantage, and that is the highest agility.
In that case, you can judge how to attack the orbit yourself and dodge in advance.
However, the way of fighting now, I’m afraid it won’t last a minute.
Heathcliff is very strong, there is no doubt about it. Even if he cancels the enemy state, he can easily beat sao players.
Behind Asina, Natsume stared at Heathcliff’s every move.
We want to entrust a red player because this action is dangerous, and it is impossible for ordinary people to wave their swords in that situation.
That kind of danger, just kill people, but is it really good?
Natsume got out from behind Asina.
sao top guild entrusts killing players to handle affairs, aren’t you afraid of being disgusted by other guilds and players? In that case, very not easy to call brilliant will …
Don’t worry
Heathcliff interrupt Natsume with a very kind smile.
No guild will object to this practice. Before the action, I have already handled everything. Therefore, I can let go of it.
Do you mean murder?
I didn’t say that. I just hope you can finish it smoothly. Money can be discussed. If you finish it well, I will double it for you, for example?
Of course there is no problem.
If you double it, you’ll have 1 million cole, and then you can buy a luxury single apartment.
Asina intervened in the conversation.
She looked at Natsume and then at Heathcliff.
Smile coffin investigation action other guild will do it, can’t let them together? Let Natsume act with those people.
Asina is worried about Natsume’s safety alone.
It’s an adventure to investigate the base or leader of the killing guild alone.
In sao, no one will kill others easily except the killer, and those famous players just seize this weakness to fight back.
Many people are bound by the fear of’ killing’, and the law will slay the enemy.
But that is the most normal situation. Natsume knows very well that his socalled killing action is actually heresy in this world and that world.
Deputy Head of Asina, if you are a normal player, will you be back to back with the famous players in the wild?
… if it’s Natsume
This sentence made Heathcliff narrow his eyes.
So you want to act with Natsume Pavilion?
What about the raiders group? I’ve been a little busy recently, and I have to deal with the trouble caused by a member.
This …
Natsume with the wave, he said, pointing to Asina
Don’t be ridiculous, Heathcliff. If you sent Asina, I wouldn’t go.
Contact with killing players is more dangerous than contact with boss. Keeping boss less will not set traps, send undercover and be bought by the enemy.
May be interested in Natsume’s words, Heathcliff threw the information in his hand to Natsume.
It was recently that many guild members were attacked, and some people risked their lives to receive the information. It’s just a detailed investigation, so I’ll leave it to you.
品茶论坛Natsume will data into the warehouse, to the Yasna blinked his left eye, walked to the door:
Episode52 wild exploration, silica, a girl who tamed animals from the sky? !
Ian Grant’s 55th floor city’ Grant Sam’ is located in the corridor of the office building of the Knights of the Blood League, the strongest guild in this city. Natsume is listening to the girl nagging on her right.
Sao’s fastest female swordsman, Asina, is also feeling a little naive to her predecessors at the moment.
Listen up, didn’t you say don’t behave in such a way before? Why did you declare war on the colonel as soon as you entered? Haven’t Natsume heard of the theory of unbeaten team battles?
Of course, I have heard that in a boss Raiders War, his blood volume has not dropped to 40%, and at the same time, oneonone hit is also a victory, and he is called the strongest player in sao.
Why do you do this when you know it?
Asina’s legal solution to Natsume’s action, of course, is no problem to fight against the strongman than herself, but it is too chaotic to challenge the’ absolute method to defeat the opponent’
Even Yasina knows the gap between herself and the colonel. If she is oneonone with the colonel, Yasina has one or two levels of assurance to defeat the other side.
No doubt, Heathcliff, the head of the Order of the Blood League is the most powerful person in this sao.
Listening to Asina’s words, Natsume nodded and perfunctory.
Halfway to the middle of the corridor, Natsume looked out. Today, the weather in Ain Grande is fine, and the dazzling sunshine is shining through the glass in the corridor.
The clouds overhead are drifting to the east. Like travelers, they will change their expressions when they see different scenery.
Seeing this scene, I couldn’t help showing a bitter smile.
The world is virtual for everyone, but it makes Natsume feel so real.
Being needed and entrusted; Slay the enemy and be hunted down.