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"Mommy didn’t lie to you …" I couldn’t say anything when I saw Bamboo’s suspicious expression.

"That baby, let’s talk about it at home." I tried to appease Zhu.
"Mommy, do you want to escape?" Bamboo is not easy to fool.
"Didn’t I promise to tell you the truth when I went back?" I sincerely say.
Bamboo nodded also cleverly replied, "Well, don’t cheat."
I nodded and promised to invite the cashier, but the cashier said, "Miss has settled the bill just now!" "
Has Tang Xiner paid the bill?
Zhu and I glanced at each other. Since someone had checked out, we went out with our own things and didn’t have the heart to continue shopping. When I called a taxi by the roadside to report the address, I realized that I didn’t remember the address.
Hesitate whether to call Wei Qingkui. Think about whether he is busy with work or not to disturb him. Call Karen, get the address and report it to the taxi driver. The car will soon go to Wei Qingkui’s villa in Washington.
Back to the villa, the servants were also busy with their own things. Bamboo took me back to the second floor and let me sit on the sofa by the door. She moved to a small stool and sat in front of me, like interrogating a prisoner, and I was not allowed to escape.
"Mommy can talk now, right?"
She has been thinking about …
I glance left and right, and my brain is spinning rapidly. What excuse can I find?
Bamboo, a pair of small hands patting the sofa, eyes at an early age, have been determined. "Mommy, I’m not a three-year-old child anymore … Don’t try to lie to me …"
Section 316
"This matter … it’s a long story!"
"Then make a long story short …"
I …
Well, we can’t fool our age. To be honest …
"The thing is, in the commercial marriage, Mommy was forced to marry a man who didn’t like me and I didn’t like him. That man was hateful. After all kinds of mistreatment, I met you in michel platini. He saved me and helped me divorce love rat and restore my freedom. I wanted to repay you. michel platini came, and he disappeared. It was the other day that you knew."
What I said was half true and half false, but I believed it with an epiphany, saying, "No wonder you see daddy’s expression is strange and daddy’s attitude towards you is strange."
I nodded quickly. "It’s just that saving my life is not enough. I’m ready to throw him down. He actually played missing for me. Do you think it’s irritating? But it also says one thing, he probably doesn’t like me, so let’s leave him alone, okay? You have to annoy him, don’t you think, baby? "
I looked behind me as I talked about it, but I saw that she didn’t answer or pay attention, so I turned to look at the door and a strong figure stood there with a strong sense of visual oppression.
"Ha ha … how did you come back before?" I’m so embarrassed that I’m like being hit by a client who speaks ill of others behind their backs.
The man’s deep eyes are slightly narrowed and his lips are slightly parted. "MengMeng, you go and tell aunt Fina that daddy wants to eat French food tonight …"
Bamboo immediately jumped off the stool and ran out, saying, "Good daddy and mommy are yours!" "
After the bamboo went out, the man slammed the door into the door.
The man looked down at my lip corner and said, "I heard that you want to throw me down?"
I snapped up and took two steps back, both nervous and embarrassed. "Well, ha ha, you misunderstood me … I just said that children are all going to be coaxed …" Speaking of which, I threw him a’ you know’ look.
Before the man heard the speech, he stepped forward and sneered at "What? What did I misunderstand? Isn’t it? Why are you afraid of me? "
He approached one step, I took a step back, raised my hands on my chest, and smiled and said, "Where?"? How can I be afraid of you? You are not a tiger, are you? You didn’t misunderstand. I misunderstood. I thought Mr. Wei was too simple. How can Mr. Wei be so capable and capable as those little beggars? "
"What little punk do you compare me to?" Men continue to approach.
Behind is the bed and next to it is the wall. I can retreat for a while like a cold mountain.
"Come and give you a chance to throw me down!" The man suddenly gave up the attack and sat on the bed with a big makin knife, and he said,’ You take care of me and throw me down.’
How dare I!
If I had changed, I might have thrown him down without thinking about it, but now I know that he has remarried, I have to think about his purpose.
I retreated to the door and begged for mercy. "Mr. Wei laughed and threw yourself down. Let’s leave this to your wife!" Me … Forget it. "
The man’s long legs stretched out in front of me like a harp, and his low-alcohol voice sounded, "What if I say I allow you to do this?"
spa会所Hey, before Hawaii, he didn’t want to touch me. Are you sure you’re not kidding me?
I stretched out my slender white fingers like lush before touching his forehead …
No fever!
I thought so and said so. I looked at him doubtfully. "You shouldn’t be out of your mind, should you?"
Man, when I touched his forehead, his face was already dark. It will be completely dark.
As soon as the man grabbed my hand and pulled me, he dragged me into his arms. It was this half-lying posture that made me uncomfortable.
The man turned me upside down and pressed me to the bed. We looked at me condescendingly. My eyes were full of impatience. "You are such a woman. How could I look at you before I lost my memory?"