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"thud" a loud noise Han Zhengming stretched out his hand and overturned the front of the tea sea blushing neck coarse cursed "inverse! What are you talking about? "

Zhong Yuhong, afraid of any accident, went to help Han Zhengming "Zhengming be careful with blood pressure. Don’t be angry."
Han Shu sneer at a directly turned and walked towards the xuan.
Korea’s old lady was too anxious to call out "Ah Shu …"
"Let him roll! Just pretend I don’t have this! Get out! " Han Zheng Ming and complete yelling.
Han Han strode out without looking back and changing shoes.
☆ Your sister-in-law will be afraid at home alone.
Han Shan walked to the garage like a gust of wind, but just met Gu Bei and Han Minxia who came out from the inside.
Both of them are dressed in more formal clothes, and the handsome men and beautiful women look very different.
"Hey, big brother, do you want to go back so late?" Han Minxia surprised and asked
Han Yu’s cold expression suddenly became soft after seeing Gu going north. He smiled at the corners of his mouth and said, "You will be afraid of not going back at home alone."
Gu north "…"
Han Minxia chuckled over her mouth. "Eldest brother, you are disgusting. You are an old married couple and you are still so shuffle when couples spend …"
Han Shu put his hands into his trouser pocket and stood up and smiled implicitly and gently. "She likes to stick to me if she can’t help it."
Han Minxia stole a glance at the quiet after Han Shan’s spring breeze drove away. She pointed to the north and said, "I envy the feelings of my eldest brother and sister-in-law. I really look forward to this marriage, two of a kind …"
"It’s getting late in Xia Xia. I’ll go back first." Gu suddenly interrupted her at the north exit.
Compared with her enthusiasm, his expression is cold and a little alienated.
Han Minxia Xiumei whispered softly to persuade him, "Since you are here, will you go in and see grandma?"? She especially wants to see you … "
"No, it’s too late." Then Gu turned to the north and opened the door and sat in.
Han Minxia watched Range Rover drive away grievances and pursed her mouth.
Han Minxia returned to the house with a lonely mood and found the atmosphere at home strange.
Zhong Yuhong sat on the sofa and secretly wiped her tears, while the old lady Han sighed that Aunt Lian was bending over to sweep something …
When I walked over, I found that Han Zhengming loved the teapot tea set and looked at the table again … Han Minxia exclaimed, "Who broke Dad’s tea set?"
Zhong Yuhong dried her tears and said, "Xia Xia, you are back."
"Mom" Han Minxia looked at her. "Did Dad scold you?"
"No" Zhong Yuhong sighed "is your eldest brother he …"
"What’s wrong with big brother?" Han Minxia asked
"Don’t be that rebellious … just think that the Korean family doesn’t have him!" Han Zhengming sullenly came out of the room.
"Dad?" Han Minxia was frightened. "What’s going on?"
Hongding bar
Explosive dynamic music, flashing lights, young men and women swaying on the dance floor
Section 24
In the corner of the bar, I sat there alone with my glass in my hand. I looked up and drank the wine department. I wanted to drown my sorrows, but my heart was getting deeper and deeper.
"Handsome boy? Can you buy me a drink? " A beautiful woman in a red dress with suspenders couldn’t help putting her hand on his shoulder.
Gu north frowned coldly spit out a word "roll".
"Why are you so angry? I’ll help you out if you’re unhappy?" The woman is unwilling to bend over and plump and rub against Gu Bei’s arm. A fragrance seems to sweep his ear.
Gu north put the glass back to look at her.
The woman looked at this handsome but indifferent face, and a stunning look came out of her eyes. She thought her back was good, but she didn’t expect her face to be so beautiful.
"You are too ugly for me!" Gu north thin sarcastically said
"You …" The woman suddenly turned hostile and watched him get up and leave.
Walking out of the bar is cool and refreshing, which makes people awake.
Gu stopped a taxi without driving to the north and reported his family address.
On the way, his cell phone rang. He picked up a look at "Han Minxia" … and smiled and threw it aside.
The bell rang for a while and then stopped, and then a message came.
It’s from Han Minxia. "I just learned that my eldest brother and sister-in-law have recently divorced."
Looking at the word "divorce", Gu moved his eyes to the north and immediately dialed back.
桑拿会所  title="Are you busy just now? Why didn’t I answer when I called you? " Words that Han Minxia JiaoChen complained.
"I didn’t hear it just now," Gu said casually to the north. "By the way, what did you want to see me about?"
"I was envious of their feelings before the big brother and little sister-in-law. After all, you know that my big brother is uncertain and little sister-in-law will let him settle down. I didn’t expect to get divorced now. Sure enough, little sister-in-law still can’t stand big brother’s playboy, right?" Han Minxia lying on the sofa thought of just hearing those words and said with emotion.
"Oh?" Gu narrowed his eyes to the north. It seems that some people don’t believe it. "No? Just see your eldest brother … "
"Yeah, but dad told me that the divorce agreement was signed by the younger sister-in-law, and it was the eldest brother who went back on his word. Because of a dad quarrel at home this night, the purple sand tea set was broken." Han Minxia said it all.
Hang up the phone and look north out of the window at the vast night, fists clenched gradually.
The original has put those obsessions suddenly like a dead tree growing up again at the bottom of my heart
It was already eleven o’clock at night when I returned to the family mansion.
In the living room, an old servant smelled Gu Bei’s alcohol and greeted him with a straight face. "Does the second young master need hangover tea?"
Gu waved to the north to change shoes and knocked on the door of a bedroom.
"… coming" took a long time to reply.
Gu to the north is not in a hurry. He stretched out his hand and took out a cigarette and a lighter, leaning against the wall and smoking slowly.
Gao Zhenning opened the door in a coat and saw Gu’s gentle face flash across the north. "What’s the matter with your brother-in-law?"
Gu went straight to the north and said, "What’s Ye Xiao’s mobile phone number?"
"…" Gao Zhenning face a slight change and then frowned and said, "brother-in-law is raining. Her parents don’t want you to have a joint office …"
"She has a good life?" Gu sneered at the north and interrupted her. "Do you have the face to say such unconscionable words? !”
Marrying a dude like Han Yu should also be accompanied by her mother, right?