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Song city listened to the bow thumb to push the razor source key, and the whole hand washing was buzzing with razors.

Then she looked at Yu Tingchuan again. "So I really shaved?"
Yu Tingchuan is acquiescent.
It’s difficult for Song Qingcheng to help a man shave stubble with a razor for the first time. Even if Yu Tingchuan says that she can shave whatever she wants, she still has concerns and dare not be too casual. Today is Monday, and he still has to go to the company himself. If he is disfigured, he feels a little embarrassed.
The razor blade came into contact with the man’s jaw, the whole city of Song Dynasty pursed its lips and stared at it without turning its eyes. Later, I couldn’t help but raise my left hand and hold the man’s face.
YuTingChuan looked at her this pair of serious eyes WenShan hold her waist hand clasp "have so horrible? Nervous like this. "
"… I’m not afraid of hurting you." The whole city of Song is staring.
It is said that shaving stubble for five or six minutes is also pretending.
At 7 o’clock, Yutingchuan finally let her go.
Before returning the razor, the whole Song Dynasty looked at the surface of the knife. There were still some stubble shaven. She had already groped for the doorway of the razor. If she was not in a hurry, she could help Yutingchuan to shave the green bus.
"Shiba has some stubble." Song Qingcheng suddenly said before going out, "You look more manly like this."
After that, I left to wash my hands.
Yutingchuan watched her back, but she had no heart. Then she picked up a razor and shaved her stubble again.
On this day, I went out to look at Yutingchuan in the Song Dynasty.
桑拿会所It’s really looking at him
Yu Tingchuan noticed and started the engine and asked her, "What are you looking at?"
"Look at the handsome guy" Song Qingcheng focused on "also look at half of his labor achievements"
"I also know that I have lost my burden halfway."
"It won’t be like this after being born once and cooked twice."
Yu Tingchuan smiled. "It seems that I have to buy a razor for you to practice."
Smell speech Song Qingcheng also evokes lip angle.
This good mood didn’t last all day.
At noon, Song Qingcheng took advantage of the class to look at his mobile phone and found that there was a new text message sent by Yu Tingchuan at 3: 02, that is, ten minutes ago, the text message was concise and said that Yu Lao was in a bad situation. He came to school from the company and picked her up to go to the hospital.
Song Qingcheng didn’t leave the classroom to go to the office after reading the text message, and asked the squad leader for leave.
Knowing that her elder was dying, the squad leader didn’t refuse to let him go.
Yu Tingchuan arrived at school at about 3: 30.
At about four o’clock in the evening, Song Qingcheng followed Yu Tingchuan into the ward of the elderly, except for Yu Linjiang’s Yu family, his cousins and elders, and many other women in Yu Linjiang’s playground and doctors wore stethoscopes to check up on Yu Lao.
It’s just a formality to do these checks again at this time.
Song city feel dignified atmosphere don’t know what to say YuTingChuan has walked to the bed and asked the doctor about the situation.
There was a slight conversation in the room.
Near the end of the bed, Yu Guang noticed that Yu Chengye was taking a petal by the hand washing door. I don’t know where to find onions and secretly wipe them at the corner of my eye.
What each other like to notice the song dynasty the whole side.
Yu Chengye’s eyes on the whole Song Dynasty "…"
This more words less late to continue Yu Jia second daughter-in-law identity is doomed to exposure …
Please don’t turn when starting!
☆ Chapter 35 joie’s name is Yu Tingchuan’s child (correct the wrong word)
Song city took a look at Yu Chengye and then looked back at the bedside. Yu Tingchuan had already sat in front of the bed. Yu Jia is now in charge of Yu Linjiang, but Yu Tingchuan’s name is not long, but it has long been different.