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If you want to win the Golden Globe or the Champions League, the influence of gold content in the UEFA Cup media and fans is far from enough.

After the award ceremony, the most eye-catching draw ceremony for the Champions League group stage in the new season will be held.
First of all, it is determined that it is a team group Bayern Munni.
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Although Hei entered the main race through the play-offs, it is still a shame to be a team with Bayern’s historical record in the Champions League.
The final grouping situation is respectively; Group A Bayern Munich, Group B Manchester United, Group A Milan, Group D Chelsea, Group E Liverpool, Group F Barcelona, Group G Seville and Group H Arsenal.
There is no doubt that the least dominant team is Seville in Group G.
Then there is the most striking second-level team grouping.
There are super giants such as Juventus, Real Madrid and Inter Milan in the second-class team. Even the first-class team must not want to meet these three teams.
The final result was that Juventus were assigned to Group A, Real Madrid to Group A and Inter Milan to Group F.
The coaches of Bayern Munich, A Milan and Barcelona all frowned at once. Of course, the coaches of Juventus, Real Madrid and Inter Milan were not easy.
In fact, everyone wanted to be assigned to Seville, but in the end, they got their wish from Su Chao Glasgow Wanderers.
桑拿会所Next, Hoffenheim fans are most interested in the third-grade team grouping.
Whether Ralph, Rotherhouse or Lu Wenbin and Salihovic watched the live broadcast in the hotel, Hoffenheim fans were all nervous.
Although there was a season of European points, Hoffenheim won the UEFA Cup with all the way through the season. With only one season of European points, it became the third-class team with Bordeaux, Marseille, Atletico Madrid and Florence.
There is no doubt that these teams are the strongest in the third gear and have the European golden boots in the middle of the season. Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim has drawn out the first two teams and no one wants to meet them.
For Hoffenheim, they don’t want to be assigned to those strong teams either.
Although it is certain that it will not be drawn to Group A of Bayern Munich due to the principle of avoiding the same league, there are still Group A Milan and Real Madrid, Group F Barcelona and Inter Milan waiting.
All Hoffenheim coaches, players and fans prayed not to draw in these two groups, but to draw in Seville and Glasgow Wanderers Group G.
If you draw in Group G, it would be best to sign Hoffenheim’s team, which has a much greater chance of qualifying than other teams.
Everyone watched calmly, and the third team in each group was gradually drawn out.
With a team pulling out Hoffenheim, everyone’s heart is beating more and more because Hoffenheim has never been pulled out.
Hoffenheim’s heart was about to jump out until Group F was drawn out of Dynamo Kiev.
Because then all the third team wanted to draw Group G most, but now there are only two teams left in the third team: Hoffenheim and Olympiacos.
Hoffenheim has a 12-chance to be drawn to Group G of Seville and Glasgow Wanderers’ Home.
Chapter 297 Tearing drama
Hoffenheim and Olympiakos are waiting nervously, and the G group draw begins.
Before starting the lottery, the host first reiterated that the current draw is the third team in Group G.
Then the lottery guests put their hands into the lottery box and paused for a moment before taking out a piece of paper and slowly spreading it out, and then announced "Hoffenheim" with a smile.
After the announcement, the guests turned the note with hoffenheim’s name on it to the audience and reporters, and the face was clearly printed with "Hoffenhei"
For a moment, Ralph, Rotherhouse, Lu Wenbin and Salihovic fans in front of the digital camera in the hotel all screamed with ecstasy.
For Hoffenheim, this is definitely the best draw in all groups. I didn’t expect it to be really touched by Hoffenheim
Although the weak teams in the Champions League can’t say that Hoffenheim will definitely qualify in this group, Seville and Glasgow Wanderers are obviously much weaker than their opponents in other groups, and Hoffenheim’s chances of qualifying are also much greater.
Then Olympiacos was naturally assigned to the last H group of Arsenal.
After the third-grade team drew, the draw for the last fourth file was calm, except that Wolfsburg was assigned to Group B, which made CSKA Moscow and coach Besiktas look bad. He drew lots.
A dominant Manchester United in Group B is not only Wolfsburg, but also CSKA Moscow and Besiktas.
The only possible disturbance to Manchester United may be the weather in Moscow, but it will not affect the overall situation.
Anyway, in the fourth-grade team, except Wolfsburg, the runner-up in the Bundesliga last season, all his teams are playing soy sauce.
However, Hoffenheim’s fourth-grade team was lucky when drawing lots. Because of the avoidance principle, it goes without saying that Wolfsburg was slightly stronger than Zurich, Greek Athletic, Kazan Ruby, Standard Liege and so on, and he was not drawn to Group G.
The team drawn to the fourth place in Group G is Romanian first-division champion Uniria, who only ranked fifth in Luojia in the first five rounds of the season, which has proved the nature of Uniria’s fish.
Hoffenheim was lucky to be assigned to the weakest group G in the first Champions League group stage in history.
Seville is the least dominant team in all the first-class teams, Glasgow Rangers is the second-class team, Unirea is the minor-league team.
Hoffenheim’s qualifying prospect is the best among the three Bundesliga teams.
In a group with Juventus, Bordeaux, Bayern Munich and Manchester United, CSKA Moscow and Besiktas, a group of Wolfsburg, please help yourself.
After the lottery ceremony, the coaches and star players of each team will naturally be interviewed by reporters.
There are too many topics in the group draw, and no one believes that UEFA didn’t deliberately draw so as to ensure the ratings.
Xi Chao duo and Milan duo are suspected of encountering hidden rules. Real Madrid Kaka just moved to Real Madrid in the summer and played against the old owners A Milan Inter Milan Eto ‘o and Barcelona Ibrahimovic, both of whom just turned their faces in the summer and played against their old clubs, as well as Inter Milan coach Mourinho and Barcelona marshal Guardiola.
Gazzetta dello Sport predicted that Real Madrid would definitely win A Milan before the draw, which made people helpless without conspiracy theory.
Not too many gimmicks for Inter Milan and Barcelona.
Not only Eto ‘o and Ibrahimovic’s old club tore up the drama, but also Mourinho’s Chelsea era, when Barcelona played an old grudge.
Now that the madman meets Barcelona again, it will be another two-round war like Mars hitting the earth.
In an interview, Kaka said that he would not take a penalty against Milan A.
Eto ‘o and Ibrahimovic both said they would make their old clubs regret that Mourinho said he wanted to crush the so-called Dream Three Dynasties.
His group also has their own grievances and topics. Anyway, UEFA has always been short of conspiracy theory speculation for its fair draw.
Of the three Bundesliga teams, Hoffenheim is a recruit, but the miracle of Huocun, the third champion of last season, has long been famous all over the world.
There are also European Golden Boots and Lu Wenbin, who set a goal record in Europe. He is not a pawn in the team, and there are also many Ralph reporters interviewed.
Although I think I have drawn a lot in my heart, I naturally can’t say that in an interview.
Ralph said that no team in the Champions League is a fish.
Besides, Hoffenheim is a recruit in the Champions League. Without the slightest experience in the Champions League, you must not take it lightly.
Hoffenheim must try his best to break through the group stage and advance to the knockout stage.
Then asked about the next day’s European Super Cup, Ralph looked a little pale.
Barcelona, the first treble team in the history of winning the Champions League and La Liga, did not look down on Hoffenheim, the triple crown champion.
Although Lu Wenbin’s personal strength is good, the whole team is not enough compared with Barcelona.
Therefore, Guardiola has already announced the starting list of Barcelona to the media before the lottery ceremony, regardless of whether Hoffenheim will make targeted arrangements and preparations.
Hoffenheim 433 has been considered as a strong attack formation, and Guardiola announced that the formation is even more extreme, that is, there are three people at the 343 or 3133 back line.
No.1 Valdez, the goalkeeper, has no full-back. The back line is three central defenders: Abidar, Puyol, Pique, Yaya Toure, midfielder Alves, Keita, Harvey striker Ibrahimovic, Henry and Messi.
This is not offensive football, it should be called crazy attack football.
According to media analysis, Barcelona root is not prepared to guard Lu Wenbin like the Bundesliga team, but to let Ibrahimovic, Henry and Messi compare the goals with Lu Wenbin.
It is estimated that Barcelona people are confident that with their famous ikiaka ball control tactics, three world-class strikers can score more goals than Hoffenheim and Lu Wenbin can’t do any better.