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Where can I care about anything else with him?

I don’t know how long I talked, but I felt sleepy before I knew it. He was about to fall asleep in his arms.
In a second, Ye Xiangyuan picked me up and put me to bed.
I yawned and tried to open my eyes and look at him.
Counting carefully, I haven’t seen him for more than two months, and I really miss what he wants to sleep and look at him longer.
Ye Xiangyuan seemed to know my mind. He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. "Sleep well, I promise I’ll pay you back when you get up."
I was slightly embarrassed by his puncture, but I still didn’t want to sleep.
Ye Xiangyuan corners of the mouth slightly to raise.
He suddenly lifted the quilt and took me into his arms with a low smile. "That’s all."
I woke up as soon as my face was burning.
We used to sleep in separate rooms, but tonight … seems to break our agreement …
I can feel the warmth of his body, smell the fragrance of his bath and be familiar with the fragrance of ebony, so I don’t want him to leave.
I bit my lip angle and didn’t say much.
And he coaxed me in a low voice, and I slowly fell asleep.
When I woke up the next day, he really returned to me.
I looked at him quietly.
His long eyelashes cover his bottomless eyes, but this does not affect his handsome color and luxurious temperament.
If I look at it again, I think I will not only be tempted to kiss him, but also lose control of my feelings, forgive him for bringing me hesitation and sadness, and walk with him regardless.
I looked away silently.
Last night, the curtain was not pulled, and the scene outside was revealed.
The snow has piled up a thick layer, and all the scenery seems to be white overnight.
I sighed quietly in my heart.
I don’t know if Ye Xiangyuan and I can walk to the white head.
There is still fine snow in the sky, and I don’t know when it will stop
The new year is really coming.
Think of Mrs. Li’s words again, think of Chu’s lawsuit, think of Ye’s present situation, think of Gu Changyu …
I’m depressed again.
Last night seemed to be as warm and beautiful as in a Mengmeng. Today, it is depressing and depressing to wake up and return to reality …
When I was in the middle, Ye Xiangyuan had opened his eyes and looked at me with a smile.
When he saw me looking at him, he leaned over and gave me a good morning kiss "good morning, baby"
I had to say "early …"
Then I opened my eyes wide, and I could feel the heat there because I was close to him.
I didn’t notice it just now, but now that I found out …
桑拿论坛  title=I moved aside without moving.
Although I share a bed with him, I don’t want to be closer to him. I hope we can keep our distance until things between him and Gu Changyu are settled.
Besides, I am pregnant …
He seemed to feel that I resisted taking me back and kissing my ears "Baby, don’t move".
How dare I touch him?
He gave me a low smile and kissed my face, but he didn’t tease me again.
In order to distract each other, I asked him, "Is everything settled?"
I was so happy yesterday that I forgot to get down to business.
At this moment, of course, I remember that he and Lu Xun went to find an arms dealer.
And now, although he has come back safely, I still have the fear that he may be in danger.
Ye Xiangyuan touched my face and smiled. "You’ll know when the trial starts."
I’m relieved to hear him say that. It seems that the result is good.
I didn’t ask him any more about his personality. That’s it. If he is willing to tell me, he won’t hide me, but if he is unwilling, he won’t say a word even if I try my best.
After a pause, I told him what happened during this period.
He listened quietly to the judo in which I was held by the quilt. "I will explain these things to you slowly. You are right. Chu Feipeng didn’t kill himself. The murderer has found the same group as Changning who attacked you last time."
Chapter 261 We and OK?
I’m not surprised.
But I didn’t expect Ye Xiangyuan to tell me these things.
He reached into my arms and kissed me on the top. "I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you when you were attacked. Are you scared?"
Because of worrying about the baby, he held me in vain, but I could still feel the warmth in his arms.
I shook my head and said, "It’s okay. It’s over."
He touched my hair and continued, "It’s not too big to find the killer. The main thing is to find the mastermind behind it, but this matter can’t be urgent."
I, uh, didn’t interrupt him
He said, "The traitor in the thorns has been arrested by Changning, and the traitor is still a little bit with my grandfather."
Actually with ye Li and
Maybe Ye Li thought about revenge Ye Xiangyuan by suppressing Grandpa Chu.
I can’t help but hold Ye Xiangyuan with my backhand and give him comfort.
Other people’s grandfathers are looking forward to having a full house of children and grandchildren, but he killed two children with a mistress and killed his grandson with a mistress.
In his eyes, Ye Xiangyuan is not his relative, but the murderer who killed his beloved woman.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me more tightly and whispered, "Don’t worry about grandpa being controlled by me … I’ll settle the accounts together then."
I nodded and didn’t know what to say at the moment.
He can still keep Ye Li. I think he is kind enough.
Ye Xiangyuan smiled. "The last thing I’m going to do is shoot at the Li family after the New Year."
I looked up at him.