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Fu Qianfan looked at Gao Zhiyuan in disbelief. What is this?

"It’s still early. Since you didn’t fall asleep so soon after you woke up, let’s do something else." Gao Zhiyuan finished and worked hard.
Fu Qianfan doesn’t even have the strength to resist now. Can Gao Zhiyuan? She really regrets waking up just now. She is really sleepy and can fall asleep immediately.
But it is estimated that she would have been asleep by the time contour Zhiyuan stopped.
Fu Qianfan’s body hurts several times when he wakes up for the second time. The reason is that he can think of any toes.
"Are you hungry when you wake up?" When you hear Gao Zhiyuan’s notes, thousands of people subconsciously avoid her. I don’t want to do it again. The second time is really uncomfortable. It’s so painful to be stimulated by Gao Zhiyuan and really sleep in the past, but Gao Zhiyuan has to persist for so long that she will faint.
Gao Zhiyuan looked at Fu Qianfan funnily, knowing that he was scared by Fu Qianfan, and it was really too hard on the first day to make Fu Qianfan tired.
"Is it necessary for you to guard against me like this? I didn’t want to do anything else." Gao Zhiyuan explained in a good temper, but Fu Qianfan remained unmoved. Gao Zhiyuan’s words are really not trusting men’s beds, so there is no letter at all.
Since the explanation doesn’t work, Gao Zhiyuan changed another method, "I’m sorry, I was wrong, so please forgive me this time, okay? I promise I won’t do it again."
Gao Zhiyuan thinks that the first thing now is to coax Fu Qianfan into doing what he should do, and then he will slowly think of some way to do it.
Gao Zhiyuan promised that Fu Qianfan was still a little shaken after listening to it. Gao Zhiyuan is usually a very trustworthy person. Although there is no reference for discussing this letter with them now, Gao Zhiyuan has said so. What else can she do? She can’t really hide from Gao Zhiyuan.
Fu Qianfan tried to sit up and found that it was a very painful thing for her to sit up now, and Gao Zhiyuan, the first figurine, still looked at her and smiled. Did Gao Zhiyuan really want to apologize?
Gao Zhiyuan stopped laughing. "Don’t move. I’ll give you some hot water to soak in." Then Gao Zhiyuan got up, but he didn’t want to block a meaning at all, so he exposed the front with a big smile.
Fu Qianfan didn’t think that Gao Zhiyuan would be like this, and he certainly didn’t move as fast as Gao Zhiyuan. Even if Fu Qianfan was blocked by his face in the end, she saw whether she should see it or not.
Although they were so close last night, it’s too scary for her to see it for the first time, and it’s so big that everyone thinks she’s afraid to look again.
Gao Zhiyuan went into the bathroom and came out for a while. Fu Qianfan heard the sound of the horse and covered her face. She didn’t have the integrity as Gao Zhiyuan did.
品茶论坛Gao Zhiyuan didn’t laugh when he saw it. He walked over and picked up Fu Qianfan directly.
"Why?" Fu Qianfan said in a low voice, "Keren has been picked up by Gao Zhiyuan. Gao Zhiyuan is a light, and she has also been dropped.
"Bathing" Gao Zhiyuan answered that her eyes were also staring at Fu Qianfan’s eyes, but Fu Qianfan felt that she was in front of Gao Zhiyuan now, even if Gao Zhiyuan didn’t look at her, she was ashamed to death.
Fu Qianfan also wanted to say that she walked by herself, but when she moved her leg, she knew it was impossible, so she stopped insisting. Anyway, Gao Zhiyuan saw it more than once last night.
Gao Zhiyuan carried Fu Qianfan into the bathroom and put it in the bathtub. The bathtub has put away the water. Fu Qianfan was scalded by hot water, and the whole person was awake. Many bones were relieved.
Is Gao Zhiyuan still in the bathroom or straight in front of her, worried that she can’t see clearly?
"You go out and I’ll wash it myself." Fu Qianfan bowed his head and said that he didn’t even dare to glance at his eyes and worried that the painting was too shocking
Gao Zhiyuan originally wanted to serve here, but Fu Qianfan was not used to it, so he gave up "OK, call me if necessary"
Fu Qianfan clicked on Gao Zhiyuan and walked out of the bathroom door. It didn’t, but it also covered most of it. If Gao Zhiyuan wasn’t in front of her, Fu Qianfan wouldn’t feel so stressed and in the mood to take a bath.
Fu Qian-fan Gao Zhiyuan didn’t idle to Fu Qian-fan’s room and simply took a shower before leaving. By the way, he brought Fu Qian-fan’s clothes, all of which were taken out from the closet for several sets.
When I went back to his room, I found that Fu Qianfan was still in the bathroom, and Gao Zhiyuan had the intention to move Fu Qianfan from the east to the west to his room. After Fu Qianfan slept here, he returned to that room. How inconvenient it is!
Fu Qianfan didn’t bring many things to Gao Zhiyuan for two or three times, and even the bottles of skin care that Fu Qianfan brought to Gao Zhiyuan were turned out. Fu Qianfan was familiar with everything.
After taking a bath, although my thigh still hurts a little, I can at least walk. There are Gao Zhiyuan’s robe and bath towel in the bathroom. Fu Qianfan first chooses Gao Zhiyuan’s robe and a dress. If you can wear a bath towel, where can a piece of cloth cover you?
When looking in the mirror, Fu Qianfan also saw that the red printed neck on her neck and chest was still very dark, even if she wore a nightgown, she couldn’t cover it. Today, she had to choose a high collar to dress.
I walked out of the bathroom and saw that Gao Zhiyuan had put on her clothes. Fu Qianfan realized that her clothes were not here. It seems that she can secretly run back and change them.
"Is it ready? Is there any relief?" Gao Zhiyuan reached out to Fu Qianfan who didn’t answer her eyes and told Gao Zhiyuan that she was still angry, but she went to Gao Zhiyuan’s side.
"Well, don’t be angry again. Didn’t I apologize to you?" Gao Zhiyuan held Fu Qianfan in his arms. Fu Qianfan had a thin layer of cloth on his body, and he could feel the skin temperature when he touched it.
Gao Zhiyuan felt too good and rubbed it back and forth restlessly for a few times until Fu Qianfan warned Gao Zhiyuan not to move again.
"If we are hungry, we will go to eat breakfast." Gao Zhiyuan just woke up Fu Qianfan.
"What time is it?" Fu Qianfan asked.
"It’s almost nine o’clock. If you’re not hungry, go to sleep again." Gao Zhiyuan Fu Qianfan is still sleepy.
Fu Qianfan is still sleepy and tired, but she is worried that this is not the problem. Usually, the old lady Gao finished her breakfast before 8 o’clock, and now it is long past this time. The old lady Gao and all of them are up, with her and Gao Zhiyuan.
"Why didn’t you tell me so late?" Fu Qianfan shouted at Gao Zhiyuan, and his eyes glanced at the ceiling. When he woke up, it was already very late. He was so excited that he slept late at four o’clock last night. It is normal to wake up again. He is not an iron man.
"If it’s not too late, it’s too late. You can have breakfast whenever you want. This is home, not anywhere else," Gao Zhiyuan comforted.
Fu Qianfan didn’t feel much better. Gao Zhiyuan didn’t. She will feel embarrassed here alone. This is your Gao Zhiyuan’s house, not hers.
"I’m going back to change." Although it’s late, try not to be too late. It’s better to go now than later.
Fu Qianfan patted Gao Zhiyuan’s hand to let him go, but Gao Zhiyuan didn’t let go. "Your clothes are wrapped here."
Fu Qianfan doesn’t believe Gao Zhiyuan’s words. How did she get here in her room?
"Look," Gao Zhiyuan pointed to the wardrobe. Gao Zhiyuan didn’t pull the wardrobe door and hung up the clothes.
Fu Qianfan saw clearly whether she brought those sets of new clothes, even those of the wardrobe, and Gao Zhiyuan put a big space in his wardrobe to let her go.
I slept well.
Look at this. Fu Qianfan successfully saw the trace of her suitcase. It seems that it is all due to Gao Zhiyuan. Gao Zhiyuan just made up his mind to let her sleep here.
"I put your pajamas in the drawer" Gao Zhiyuan did not forget to add a worry that Fu Qianfan would find it.
But Fu Qianfan didn’t appreciate it much. Who would Gao Zhiyuan tidy her pajamas?
Fu Qianfan chose a turtle neck to take pajamas and went into the bathroom. She also conveniently locked the door. She didn’t want to change clothes in front of Gao Zhiyuan. She still can’t do it.
In front of the building, Fu Qianfan once again confirmed that Bo Hongyin was covered, but he was still worried about understanding it.
"Don’t worry about being out of sight." Gao Zhiyuan said with a big mouth that there is no need to be so nervous because of reality. He can guarantee that several people in his family wish him to let Fu Qianfan do this every day.