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It’s about the so-called life is worse than death.

But it seems to me that human life is the most important thing, otherwise, how can there be an old saying that it is better to die than to live?
There is hope if you want to live.
For Ye Li, living may bring trouble to Ye Xiangyuan.
But I didn’t say what I thought. I didn’t want Ye Xiangyuan to think that I was looking forward to Ye Li’s death.
What does it matter to me whether Ye Li is alive or dead? I just love Ye Xiangyuan dearly.
Thought of here, I stopped to face Ye Xiangyuan and held his hand tightly. "Ah Yuan, don’t feel bad. My child and I will accompany you."
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and touched my face. "Well, I don’t feel bad, so don’t feel bad for me."
I gently, uh-huh.
He glanced at me and said, "I’m going to leave tomorrow."
I was amazed. "So soon …"
Section 14
Then my attention turned to his behavior and left Ye Li behind.
Ye Xiangyuan left the next day.
The rainy weather that had been going on for several days finally cleared up today. Unfortunately, Ye Xiangyuan is leaving for a dangerous place.
Sister-in-law is probably clear that Ye Xiangyuan didn’t let Xiaojin go to kindergarten, but took him to send Ye Xiangyuan together.
It’s too late to whisper to him, so I didn’t say much. It’s a light way to "be careful"
He smiled and kissed me and left by car.
I looked at the car and left. Somehow I felt uneasy for no reason.
Just then, the child seemed to feel that my mood suddenly kicked me, and I couldn’t help frowning.
Sister-in-law came to hold me and said, "Don’t worry."
I nodded and said nothing after all.
The next day is not calm.
As Ye Xiangyuan expected, Li Qingqing found the door.
It was the third day after Ye Xiangyuan left that Li Qingqing drove directly into the hospital.
Sister-in-law blocked her at the gate and didn’t let her in
Li Qingqing stood behind a row of bodyguards, staring at her sister-in-law with a bad face. "This is my home, and you dare to stop me."
Sister-in-law looked at her coldly without moving.
Li Qingqing sneered, "Shu Lin and I haven’t divorced yet. I’m still a daughter-in-law of Ye Family. I have everything here. If you don’t let me in, I’ll go to court to sue you."
Sister-in-law said, "Then find a lawyer to file the lawsuit first."
Li Qingqing narrowed his eyes. "I don’t want to talk nonsense with you. Where’s your grandpa? I want to see him. "
Sister-in-law said lightly, "Grandpa doesn’t want to see you."
Li Qingqing seems to be angry from embarrassment. "That’s Ye Xiangyuan coming out. I’d like to ask him what happened when he called a dead husband and woman out for dinner, and I’m not afraid of losing Ye’s face!"
Chapter 19 Li Qingqing orders
I watched the eldest sister-in-law block Li Qingqing from the balcony on the second floor.
A few months ago, when Ye Xiangyuan was just released by the Li family, Li Qingqing stopped us in this way when we returned to Qinyuan.
The tables have turned, and now the blocked party has become Li Qingqing.
She must be cursing secretly now.
I didn’t intend to go out, and my sister-in-law asked me to stay in the house for fear that Li Qingqing would be bad for the children.
I can hear her satirizing Sister-in-law. I can’t help running upstairs and stopping Sister-in-law behind me. I calmly said to Li Qingqing, "Shut up!"
Of course, the charge of’ killing my husband’ is unwarranted, but it’s hard for my sister-in-law to miss her brother all the time and now she’s being slandered like this.
Sister-in-law probably didn’t expect me to go upstairs and hold me quickly and said, "I don’t mind if it’s okay."
I looked at her lovingly.
约茶She smiled at me.
Li Qingqing saw my expression full of disdain. "You are not qualified to talk to me. Tell Ye Xiangyuan to come out!"
Sister-in-law motioned me to the back and whispered, "I’ll watch the children."
I know she is on the alert Li Qingqing hesitated or behind the bodyguard.