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The subtext should also have a mobile phone of your own, right?

Jingmuchen picked an eyebrow and said "can"
"…" So readily let the sisters immediately surprised the zheng big eyes.
"Dad is true or false?" Jing’ an JIU Zheng big eyes surprised to ask
"is dad that kind of person who break his word?" Jingmuchen frowned.
Jing Anjiu really wants to answer this word.
After all, I don’t know how many times I stopped her from playing with Xiaobai!
But since dad promised to buy her a mobile phone, things can be forgotten.
Jing Anjiu immediately said with a smile, "Thank you, Dad"
"All right, wash your hands and get ready for dinner. I’ll take you to buy a mobile phone in the afternoon." Jing Muchen said very generously
"Wow, long live Dad!" JingAnyue immediately raised his hands happily.
"Thank you, Dad!" Jing’ an Jiu also said happily
Toy room Jing Yanxi "sou" ran out "what what? Buy a mobile phone? Dad, I want it, too! "
"Good man keeps his word" Jing Muchen smiled like an old fox.
After breakfast the next morning, Jing Muchen really kept his word and drove four children to the mall to buy a favorite mobile phone for everyone.
Jing’ an Jiu was not happy. He took out his mobile phone and dialed Gao Xiaobai’s number as soon as he got home. Who knows …
"Sorry, the number you dialed is out of service …"
Jing Anjiu sent a short message to tell him that this is his new mobile phone number, and then added Gao Xiaobai WeChat.
It was a few days after I received the text message, but no one replied to WeChat, and no one added it, let alone called.
Jing Anjiu didn’t feel right.
She promised Gao Xiaobai that she would give him his thirteenth birthday, and when he went to the United States, she would have to see him off, but it was getting closer and closer every day, and it was almost the month.
Jing Anjiu couldn’t help it any longer. One day, she directly asked Su Re for Gao Xiaoxiao’s mobile phone number.
Su Re nature is immediately to the late.
Jing Anjiu immediately spoke in the past and then heard Gao Xiaoxiao say, "jiujiu, don’t you know? Xiao Bai, he has gone to America. Didn’t he tell you? "
"…" JingAnJiu all eyes open for half a day after shook his head and said "no".
"Well," Gao Xiaoxiao said, "I’ll send it to you later if I don’t have his dormitory here."
"Thank you, Auntie"
"You’re welcome"
After hanging up, Jing Anjiu was angry and sad, and tears came.
When Gao Xiaoxiao sent the phone number, Jing Anjiu watched … but suddenly he didn’t want to call.
That’s too much. Why did you leave in such a hurry?
Jing’ an Jiu took a sip of his mouth and got up and came to the room. The first thing to do was to unload the "Fairy Tales" game.
At the dinner table, Jing Saixixi and Jing Anyue chattered, and Jing Yicheng was as silent and quiet as ever. The only thing wrong was that Jing Anjiu buried himself in a bowl and didn’t clip any food.
Section 763
Jingmuchen glanced at his eldest daughter and frowned slightly.
"Why doesn’t jiujiu eat food?" Su Re noticed it later and immediately put a chopstick dish in Jing ‘an Jiu bowl.
Xiaobai left without saying goodbye ~
Uncle Jing suddenly bought a mobile phone ~
There’s a reason ~
☆ You should be able to have a boyfriend at the age of 30.
Jing Anjiu didn’t speak, but silently ate all the food in the bowl quickly and then got up and said, "I’m full and went back to my house first."
Su Re late "…"
Jingmuchen eyebrows also blink tighter.
After Jing Anjiu got up and left, Su Ruo looked at Jing Muchen at night and asked, "What happened to her husband jiujiu?"
"…" Jing Muchen gave her a salty look. "Who do you ask me?"
Su Re late "…"
After dinner, Su Re didn’t trust the building to ring the door of Jing ‘an Jiu’s bedroom.
Nobody answered.
So she tried to turn the turnstile, pushed the door and went in.
Since Jing Anyue and Jing Yicheng were three years old, the four children of Jingjia began to sleep in separate rooms on the second floor, one person and one room next to each other.
Jing ‘an Nine Rooms are naturally decorated according to her favorite style. The pink room has a lace big bed, a crystal chandelier, and a white dresser with a big coat and hat.
Of course, the biggest thing is the cabinet. Because Jing Anjiu likes to look at the cabinet since she was a child, almost the whole side of it is placed on the wall. It has been so many years since Jing Muchen bought a book for her daughter.
There is also a rattan hammock on the balcony outside the floor-to-ceiling window. Jing Anjiu’s favorite thing is to lie down and watch a nap.
Or sit on the corner floor and watch or draw.
夜生活Is now Su Re night after entering the room only to find that JingAn nine head toward the big bed did not move, even she pushed the door and came in no response.
It’s really weird.
Su Ruo frowned at night and asked softly, "Is jiujiu asleep?"
Jing ‘an Jiu moved, then turned around and sat up "Mommy".
"What’s the matter? Are you unwell? " Su Re went to the bedside late and sat down, putting his hand on his daughter’s forehead.
Not hot.