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At that time, when she saw this sentence, she was particularly moved and felt that the two of them had a beautiful and romantic relationship. I didn’t expect Yu Yu to be awakened by this sentence …

Chang Huanyan covered her mouth with "snow" and couldn’t help laughing. "So you were awakened by Qi Chenghao?"
Yu Yu didn’t deny that his voice was low and said, "You’re not ten years old. You have to keep a closer eye on it. You ran away with someone."
Chang Huanyan’s heart is as sweet as fermentation. He holds his arm and leans his head slowly, but he says, "It’s hard to find a husband who hurts people. How can I run when you are so kind to me?"
Yu Yu listened to these words with unspeakable feelings in his heart, and his eyebrows and lips slowly bent up with a smile.
It was almost four o’clock in the afternoon when I got home after all this trouble.
夜网论坛Just a car was depressed when the phone rang. It sounded like Yang Xi calling.
Yu Yu hung up after a few words. Chang Huanyan was not a little uneasy and asked, "Has Dr. Lin arrived home already?"
"Don’t worry" Yu Yu calmly comforted her.
Chang Huanyan took a few steps and couldn’t help but say, "I’m busy with the new issue of the magazine and the annual plan these two days, and I may have to work in the company."
Yu Yu said, "Then go to work."
Chang Huan-yan asked weakly, "What about the parents?"
"If the child is taken care of, just come back at noon. These are small things," Yu said unhurriedly, as if everything was calm.
Chang Huanyan nodded. "I will apply to General Manager Wei to continue working at home. After these two days."
Into the villa door indeed as expected Dr. Lin has already come, sitting on the sofa in the living room drinking tea and chatting.
"Meet back" Yang Xi busy got up and said.
Chang Huanyan looked embarrassed. "Mom, I’m sorry. I was delayed by something outside."
"Nothing, nothing, just come back. Dr. Lin can start."
Dr. Lin put down his glass and stood up and said, "Mr. Yu, let’s go into the house first."
After Yu Yu followed Dr. Lin into the room, Chang Huan Yan was about to go to the nursery to see the baby. Suddenly, the old lady Yu saw the ring and said, "Huan Yan Yu just took you to buy a ring?"
Chang Huan Yan does not deny that "grace" has been achieved.
"Not bad, not bad, but also know that my wife hurts." The old lady Yu immediately said with a smile.
Chang Huanyan "…"
"Yes, Huanyan, it’s too wronged for you to get married when you were so simple and low-key, and didn’t even tell the truth about a ring." Yang Xi also said.
Chang Huanyan shook his head. "I don’t feel wronged by Mom and Grandma … it’s fine now."
Yang Xi couldn’t help laughing. "Of course I know that you two are quite well now. Mom and I also discussed the plan to give you a wedding after your mother’s affairs have passed. What do you think?"
Chang Huanyan "…"
Chang Huan-yan entered the room, and the sound outside the door was no longer audible. It was warm and quiet.
The sound insulation facilities in the baby’s room are well done. Just such a small detail can reflect the love and dedication of the Yu family elders to the children.
Chang Huanyan took off her slippers and walked to the front of the soft long-haired carpet, watching Yu Mo and Yu Sheng Xiao occupy a small bed by themselves, sleeping soundly with their eyes closed like two worried little angels.
I don’t know if Yang Xi’s words have played a role. I often look at the child’s face with a smile, but I think of those things two years ago …
At the end of February, the weather was heavy and the city was still cold and humid.
The vip suite of a hotel in the city center is brightly lit. There are two men sitting opposite each other at the square table. There are several people behind them. One of them is wearing a suit and sunglasses behind his hands. On the other hand, some people dye their hair and smoke at will, wear jeans, not to mention that some people keep chewing betel nuts in their mouths.
"Mr. Bai really doesn’t look like a gangster." It’s Wang’s boss, a middle-aged man in his fifties, whose black suit is stretched tight by his fat and sunglasses, and his mouth is askew, but he can’t see the fundus emotions clearly.
He has met a lot of people who are mixed up, but he has never seen a person who is only thirty years old like Bai Ye, but he looks cool and steady. Although he is dressed in a hole, the mainstream cowboy exudes a very clean temperament. When he looks at people, his eyes are very clear and there is no evil spirit.
Bai Ye smiled at this with a cigarette in her mouth. "I can’t follow my father’s footsteps."
"…" Boss Wang looked the same and burst out laughing after a while. "What a good sentence. I wonder how your father is recently?"
Bai Hua, also known as Bai Ye’s adoptive father, is frightening, boss.
White night raised my hand and took a cigarette butt. I flicked it in the ashtray and felt disappointed. "Let’s lie in the hospital and play morphine slowly."
Hearing this, Boss Wang immediately sighed, "Your eldest brother really wants me to say, you shouldn’t …"
"Boss Wang" still said with a joke in white night, but you’re welcome. "I still need rice pots urgently. Let’s stop gossiping and talk about business directly."
This rude remark made Boss Wang fade the last doubt in his heart.
It is said that Bai Hua was betrayed by this son; Bai Ye is an orphan adopted by Baihua, but he is too greedy to recognize money in his eyes.
Now it seems that the smell is true.
"I like to talk about business with people who love money best." Boss Wang made a wink to the people around him with profound meaning.
Got the message and immediately came over with a password box. When the table was opened, there was a whole row of sealed bags filled with unknown objects.
Looking at the white night, the corners of the mouth suddenly deepened and the smile deepened. Boss Wang knew that this business was done.
Boss Wang contentedly holds Bai Ye’s hand and smiles "Mr. Bai is happy"
"Happy together"
After Mr. Wang and his party left, they put out their cigarette butts in the ashtray at night and said slowly, "You all go out and stay."
"yes, boss"
A helper filed out of the suite door, and a young man named "Zi" immediately went to Bai Ye and said, "Big Brother just let him go?"
White night pulled out a cigarette from the cigarette case and immediately picked up a lighter to help him light it.
Section 69
Suddenly put out the smoke and squint at the narrow eyes in the white night. After a long time, he slowly said, "The first meaning is to take a long line to catch a big fish."
"But what if they suspect us?" Wang asked again
White night slowly spit out a mouthful of white smoke, and the sound is still calm. "I really doubt that I would have done business with me just now."
Nod your head
It’s also how cautious boss Wang is. He came here alone tonight to make this deal. He changed cars with his eldest brother several times, and even his mobile phone was taken away and smashed, but …
"Eldest brother, I think we have to be more careful. These people eat people and don’t spit bones. Wang sent undercover. It is said that even the body can’t be found. I’m afraid …"
Wang’s words haven’t finished yet. Bai Ye stretched out his hand and interrupted him. "So you’d better not go out or talk to your family these days."