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Therefore, it is not surprising that Inter Milan introduced yuto nagatomo to supplement the strength on the left.

But to the surprise of the world, yuto nagatomo’s girlfriend was dug up by a Japanese hexagram reporter because she had to be a teammate with the world’s first superstar Lu Wenbin when she entered the giants Inter Milan.
Yuto nagatomo’s girlfriend turned out to be a Japanese active A’ V girl’ You Asuka Hoshino.
Knowing what Japanese A’ V female’ excellent’ is, China netizens expressed their shock. This taste is not generally heavy
This is really shocking, even more shocking than yuto nagatomo joining Inter Milan.
桑拿论坛Both yuto nagatomo and Asuka Hoshino became famous overnight and their popularity increased greatly.
Do you know this super hexagram? If I don’t write it out, I’m afraid nine out of ten of you don’t know if it’s shocking, exciting and burning, so I can’t wait for Baidu to go and give it to you. Please remember to insure the monthly ticket to support a wave after reading this super hexagram.
Chapter 45 Bad prospects for commutation ticket
The story of yuto nagatomo and his girlfriend, Asuka Hoshino, spread all over the world. When Lu Wenbin returned to Guizhou to celebrate with the fans of his hometown, he was asked this question by reporters, which made Lu Wenbin quite embarrassed.
Because yuto nagatomo Ma is going to be Lu Wenbin’s teammate, journalists are naturally curious about Lu Wenbin’s views.
But what can Lu Wenbin think?
You can talk in private, but what can he say to reporters and fans?
May I say congratulations to new teammate yuto nagatomo for finding a battle-hardened goddess?
Lu Wenbin couldn’t say it.
What’s even more embarrassing is that Kate doesn’t know what A ‘V is, and she asks Lu Wenbin to answer it. It’s not that she doesn’t answer it, nor that she can finally let Kate go back to the hotel to search on her own search engine.
Kate couldn’t help but be dumbfounded when she found out what a’ v female’ excellent is in the future.
It’s not discrimination, but this combination is really shocking.
You said that yuto nagatomo is an international player in the five major leagues, and he is not short of money to find any girlfriend. It is not good to find an A’ V female’ excellent or active.
It can be said that Japanese psychology is different from that of ordinary people.
Maybe they really love each other.
After a day’s stay in Guiyang, I returned to Meitan non-stop.
February 2nd Lunar New Year’s Eve
Early Lu Wenbin first sat around a circle by car arranged by the county government, and once again, there were ten thousand people lanes everywhere.
Not only in the county town, but also in townships and other counties, many fans came to see the Asian Cup champion, Mr. Golden Ball.
At noon, Meitan Tianhu Hotel and county leaders, representatives from all walks of life in the county had a reunion dinner, and Lu Wenbin finally returned to his home and had a good sleep.
When Lu Wenbin came out of the bedroom in the evening, he found that his home was full of friends and relatives.
The magic is that everyone didn’t make any noise and didn’t wake Lu Wenbin who had been sleeping.
It may be that Lu Wenbin’s parents woke up and everyone knew that Lu Wenbin was very tired, so it was quiet and the dragon gate array did not disturb Lu Wenbin’s sleep.
Now that Lu Wenbin is awake, everyone’s natural sound is loud.
"Wen Bin woke up"
"Wen Bin is really amazing now."
"This is a great achievement."
"Glory to the ancestors"
"Take out your Golden Boot Award and Golden Globe Award and let’s have a look."
Lu Wenbin hurriedly called "uncle", "uncle" and "aunt" to those brothers, sisters and brothers of the same age who didn’t even come to shout.
too many people
Some distant relatives who haven’t moved around before have come, and they have to be introduced by Lu Wenbin’s parents.
Fortunately, Lu Wenbin’s parents also bought the building and made it into a two-story duplex suite, otherwise it would really be impossible to accommodate dozens of people.
Even if you eat New Year’s Eve dinner like this, you have set six tables for the two-story living room and kitchen department.
Kate’s new year’s eve dinner with so many people for the first time is very novel and cheerful.