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Finally, I cried until I burped and smiled and wiped my tears. "It’s good for us to be teachers together after being good."

I rubbed her palm and smiled at her.
I feel much better after venting my negative emotions.
Immediately think of what I can’t help but worry about the safety of South-South. "You shouldn’t come here … I’ll tell Lu Xun to send you back immediately … I’m already satisfied that you can come to see me. Don’t get involved …"
South-South smiled. "Although my family can’t compete with this family, not everyone can bully."
Her father is the president of the Imperial City University, and studying in the university is the best school in China. Her father is also full of peaches and plums, and there are indeed a few high-weight students …
But I still don’t trust "no …"
She interrupted me, "I want to stay with you too."
I looked at her silently for a while and finally compromised, holding her hand movingly.
Nan-nan smiled and fell into bed with me, still holding hands with me firmly and smiling and asking, "Were you afraid just now?"
I was embarrassed to admit that I was afraid to tell her about the layout here and said, "I feel a little scary."
She smiled softly, "Don’t be afraid of me later."
With such a simple sentence, I feel particularly peaceful at heart.
Section 141
桑拿论坛I remember when I was in college, we used to sleep in the same bed and talk all night.
Looking back now, I can’t remember what we talked about in those days. It’s wonderful to remember that time.
Of course, it is also very good now.
At least at this moment, my heart is very quiet and happy.
South-South Road "Ma will start school, and I will officially transfer to a lecturer."
The practical education office is much more leisure, but this is what she wants, and of course I will support it.
I said with a smile, "Students must like you very much … It’s a pity that I can’t attend your class …"
Her tone is still very gentle. "I definitely want to be a colleague with you when I have a chance."
I can’t help but grab her fingertips and solemnly say, "Well, there will be a chance."
Before you know it, it’s late at night. We haven’t met for a long time and talked about many things.
But I don’t talk about those secrets with Ye Gu.
After all, the more you know, the more dangerous it is. I’m also afraid that South-South will get involved in this fight. I’m too mired in mud to involve her again.
South-South whispered, "I was surprised when Lu Xun found me … I heard that you were awakened by him, and I was so angry that I wanted to hit him … Later, he explained that I realized that it was a show … but I was wrong. He is a real gentleman …"
I heard a touch in her voice. Maybe she still has different feelings for Lu Xun.
Just about to say something, she smiled and continued, "He came to see me with his wife … It is because he is so open that I think he is more worthy of trust … But you are just sighing if you don’t worry about me … I won’t do anything."
I held her hand tightly. "Now that you have decided to let it go, don’t think about it."
She gently said, "Don’t worry, I didn’t expect him to come to me on his own initiative."
I’m a little surprised, too.
But think about it carefully. Although Lu Xun looks serious, his heart is very thin
He, like Ye Xiangyuan, has an exquisite heart and is also a trustworthy and modest gentleman.
It’s a pity that no matter how good Lu Xun is, it belongs to Gu Changyu.
Ye Xiangyuan is not me, no matter how good he is.
South-South may also have thought of this layer instead of talking about Lu Xun, but turned to the topic and said, "Have you thought about what to do after that?"
I was dazed.
She asked a little
For a long time, I struggled to say, "If I were separated from Ye Xiangyuan, I would settle abroad like my parents … Ye Xiangyuan gave me enough money to live for half a generation … I might go to a foreign university to teach … Of course, if I want to stay in China and continue to be colleagues with you …"
Nannan suddenly propped up his elbow and supported his head and looked at me gently. "I found that you like being a teacher very much."
I nodded with a smile. "Yes … I’m mainly used to it … I can’t think of anything else to do except being a teacher."
Nannan pouted and pretended to be angry. "Nonsense, you are so clever that you can do everything well."
I laughed.
She’s the only one who thinks I’m good at everything
South-South suddenly gathered his smile and stared at me. "What are you going to do if … if Ye Xiangyuan finally won’t let you go?"
I am dazed.
I really haven’t thought about this problem carefully.
I feel that once my profit value is exhausted, Ye Xiangyuan will definitely want me to leave.