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Ye Xiangyuan holding little Ye Jin that take the door.

Behind him are two bodyguards carrying bags.
They piled up their things in the living room and left.
I saw ginseng, maotai and antique calligraphy and painting …
My parents looked at each other and looked at me again.
They didn’t know Ye Xiangyuan’s true identity. Ye Xiangyuan hinted that Uncle Wang and Uncle Wen kept it a secret, and they didn’t reveal anything to my parents.
And I didn’t want to rock the boat, so I hid it
Now Ye Xiangyuan came home with so many precious gifts, no wonder my parents were dumbfounded.
Section 2
It took my mother a long time to react, "That’s very kind …"
Ye Xiangyuan’s lips slowly burst into a smile. "I sincerely come to pay a New Year call to my uncle and aunt. I hope my uncle and aunt can give me a chance."
Chapter 33 A tooth for a tooth
The living room was inappropriately quiet for a while.
My mother looked at Ye Xiangyuan in shock for a long time, and her eyes fell on Xiao Ye Jin again.
Ye Xiangyuan smiled slightly. "This is Xiao Jin, my nephew."
It’s like Xiao Ye Jin lying on his body and waving "aunt hug" at me excitedly to prove his words.
I held out my hand silently for a while to hold the little man in my arms.
The child wrapped around my neck and kissed my face, shyly burying his face in my neck.
I couldn’t help laughing, and I felt that all my troubles were gone in an instant.
I don’t know if it’s my illusion, but I seem to see that the radian of Ye Xiangyuan’s lip angle is also bigger.
My mother accidentally forgot to continue greeting.
Finally, my dad reacted and called Ye Xiangyuan to sit down.
My mother went to the kitchen to wash fruit and make tea.
I sat on the other side with Xiao Ye Jin in my arms and put Xiao Ye Jin away.
He doesn’t cry and don’t make trouble. He obediently lies on my leg.
My heart is melting
It seems that the boredom that has been pressing my chest for so long has not dissipated, and the whole person has relaxed.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t go to other people’s homes for the first time. He was very stiff and self-possessed. A pair of deep black eyes looked at me.
"Are you well?" I heard him ask
His voice is low and gentle, as if with all his heart.
But I know he is acting for my parents.
If he really cared about me, he must have known that I was ill and should have come to see me earlier …
I know that he is acting, but I am still confused by his gentleness.
Okay, I soon came to my senses.
I grabbed Xiao Yejin’s chubby fingers and played to avoid his sight. I gently took a sigh.
Corner glance at his lip angle slightly lift raise a nice radian.
I slowly lowered my eyelids.
My mother came out from the kitchen with fruit tea and handed it to Ye Xiangyuan to look at him consciously.
桑拿网He has a gentle smile on his face.
Later, my mother beat about the bush and asked many questions, such as his family and other jobs
He advanced and retreated politely, showing respect for my parents without being too humble.
The answer was also watertight. I can’t say that he didn’t say a word, but my parents didn’t find anything unusual.
During the whole process, his self-restraint and his casual extravagance made my parents more and more satisfied.
It didn’t take long for my mother to be asked by him to be full of smiles.
I wondered absently what he was doing here.
I made it clear to him that he had given up.
I can’t figure out why he is obsessed with me.
People like him should be a little arrogant. I refused him several times. Isn’t he angry?
He condescended to come to my home for the New Year. If it is true, it is really sincere to continue to say that I am his shield.
But I’m not as moved as I am.
How can I provoke him, a man who is much stronger than Ning Qi, after experiencing Ning Qi?
I’ll hide far away
After a while, Ye Xiangyuan smiled and said to my parents, "Uncle and aunt, I want to go somewhere with me."
My parents looked at each other and I looked embarrassed.
Ye Xiangyuan’s face is still smiling. "I want to take her out for a walk."
My mother hesitated. "That depends on what you mean."
Ye Xiangyuan nodded and smiled and said, "Don’t worry, I can’t go far with my children."
My mother heard that Xiao Ye Jin was probably thinking about having a child. He shouldn’t do anything too much, but she also assured me that "it’s better to go out for a walk."
I worried my parents during this time, and I couldn’t bear to disappoint her, so I finally agreed.
I changed my thick down and wrapped it up in a thick scarf.
I have been particularly afraid of the cold since I was seriously ill with cold water.
Ye Xiangyuan looked at me for a moment, bent down and picked up Xiao Yejin to go to the Xuan place.
I silently followed him out of the stairs.
We didn’t say a word.
However, Xiao Yejin seems very happy to go out to play with me and reach out for a hug.