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"Help! Help! " Ping Li called farther and farther, but everyone tried their best to catch up and watched Duan Tiande hijack Ping Li and escape from Hokkeji.

Chapter 3 Who will find Guo Jing?
"It’s important to save people!" Ling Feiyang knew that Han Baoju was not injured in the crowd, so she found a mop in the corner of the hall without pain and pried the Han Baoju copper cylinder.
Han Baoju saw that the righteous brothers were seriously injured and the golden dragon whip was about to be shot down on Qiu Chuji’s head, but was stopped by blond hair. Ke Zhene took out the antidote from his body and gave it to Qiu Chuji and Han Xiaoying, and told Han Baoju the whole story at the same time.
"I really have eyes wrong letter Duan Tiande this beast! Thanks to this little brother who saved me! " Master Jiaomu struggled to go to Ling Feiyang and folded his hands to salute him.
"hey! Isn’t the plot right? This monk is not dead? " Ling Feiyang remembered that he saved the master of Jiaomu.
"I finally changed the plot!" Ling Feiyang caught a glimpse of Han Xiaoying with a pair of beautiful eyes staring at himself and walked past involuntarily! Han Xiaoying quickly struggled to gather gifts and said, "Thank you for saving this hero!"
"Han girl, don’t move, be careful of the poisonous gas surge!" Ling Feiyang hurriedly stretched out his hand and held Han Xiaoying with his arms to help her sit, but Han Xiaoying suddenly fell down with a soft body.
Ling Feiyang felt a tender body in his arms, and a pair of tender twin peaks clung to Ling Feiyang’s chest. Ling Feiyang’s mind swung and his body also had some kind of reaction. Han Xiaoying immediately felt like a goose egg, and his cheeks immediately flushed bright red.
"Seven sisters!" At this time, the butcher Zhang Asheng suddenly woke up and saw the scene immediately called to get up. Han Xiaoying hurriedly pushed Ling Feiyang aside shyly.
Ling Feiyang’s physiological reaction did not disappear. When he was embarrassed, he was relieved by Qiu Chuji.
"Brother Ke, what do you say?" Qiu Chuji asked.
"High long battle sword across the day where others look in the eye? Will we ask our brothers about this again? " Ke Zhene tilted his head and sneered, "Now everyone is injured and it is difficult to decide whether to win or lose. Today, this contest ends here. Please ask the Taoist priest to meet again at Zuixian Building!"
Qiu Chuji didn’t want the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River to fight again, so he said, "When it comes to fighting, we don’t have to go back to the source with swords and fists. That’s why I have a big game after Zhongliang!"
"Although master Jiao Mu didn’t die, it seems that the main plot hasn’t changed …" Ling Feiyang was thinking about Qiu Chuji, but he continued, "Guo Yang’s two wives are pregnant. Let’s save them first and give birth to their children. Then I’ll teach Guo Hai and you seven teach Yang Hai …"
"What? Did I hear you right? Qiu Chuji, is he going to teach Guo Jing? " Ling Feiyang almost fainted.
"Because I saved JiaoMu Qiu Chuji words changed? Is this the butterfly effect? " Ling Feiyang thought
"If Qiu Chuji went to Mongolia to teach Guo Jing and the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River went to Yang Kang, the plot development would be confused and what would happen behind it would be beyond my wildest guess! Then my prophetic advantage will swing! " Ling Feiyang wanted to shout "No!"
They found that they had just ignored Ling Feiyang’s Qiu Chuji way. "By the way, I just want to ask how this Song Bing brother came to Hokkeji?"
"I heard that Qiu Daochang wanted people here to fight and stop it at once, but it was still too late!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"I’m really sorry that I misunderstood you before!" Qiu Chuji said, "If we hadn’t arrived when we were little brothers, I’m afraid we’d all be the Duan Tiande Knife Ghost now!"
"Actually, I have an ungrateful invitation to come here, that is, I want to be a Taoist priest in Barachiel!" Ling Feiyang hurriedly said while the iron is hot
"Do you want to learn martial arts?" Qiu Chuji asked.
"yes! Although I am a soldier, I am dedicated to serving the country and want to do something earth-shattering like Qiu Daochang! " Ling Feiyang finally said this sentence in front of Qiu Chuji.
"good!" It seems that this sentence just reached the heart of Qiu Chuji. Qiu Chuji slapped the table and endured the pain. Avenue "I don’t want to collect more brothers in Qiu Chuji, but I will make an exception today! Being original in martial arts is not too high, but at least we must cultivate a great warrior! "
"Qiu Chuji is really a straightforward person who promised to be so happy!" Ling Feiyang couldn’t help but kneel down and kowtow to Qiu Chuji, crying, "Master, please be worshipped by my disciples!"
"It’s a great honor for you to worship the’ Changchun’ Qiu Zhenshi!" Master Jiaomu said
"Congratulations to this little brother!" Zhu Cong, a wonderful hand, said that although all the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River were injured, they all clapped their hands. Han Xiaoying cheerfully looked at Ling Feiyang’s face and flushed.
"I would like to follow Master to find Yang, a descendant of my family!" Ling Feiyang also deliberately put the word "Yang" very seriously.
"So good!" Qiu Chuji said, "We’ll find the descendants of the Yang family, so the descendants of the Guo family will be found by the seven heroes! By the way, did I hear you just say’ no’? "
"It seems that Qiu Chuji was bypassed by me as soon as I interrupted …" Ling Feiyang hurriedly said, "It is necessary to teach adults after Zhongliang!"
"But I heard you say’ no’!" Han Xiaoying smiled slightly and said, "Just now, I heard clearly that Qiu Daochang said that we should teach Yang children!"
"I seem to say so …" Qiu Chuji also finally remembered.
"Beauty, what are you talking about? It’s complicated again …" Ling Feiyang glanced at Naidi in his mind and suddenly said, "Master, do you remember when a Song Bing was in Niujiacun, you cut a sword and then rolled into the grass?"
"There seems to be such a thing …" Qiu Chuji couldn’t help but recall the killing scene at that time.
"That man is not dead!" Ling Feiyang said, "Yang Tiexin’s wife, Bao Xiruo, was kind-hearted and saved this person. I didn’t expect to get into trouble!"
"Is there such a thing?" Qiu Chuji said, "Is it that he tipped off the Guo Yang family’s massacre?"
"yes! This person not only informed the government that he had framed the Guo Yang family, but also robbed Bao Xiruo! " Lingfeiyang avenue
"It turns out that this person is the culprit but more hateful than that Duan Tiande!" Qiu Chuji thought for a moment and suddenly asked, "But how did you learn about it?"
"Last night, after I woke up, I met Zhang Shiwu, two neighbors of Guo Yang. He told me that Bao Xiruo had dragged a man into the house before I thought of this!" Ling Feiyang, of course, can’t tell everyone that he knows the story like the back of his hand, so he talks nonsense
"So that’s it. So Mrs. Yang is now in this person’s hands?" Qiu Chuji asked.
"Exactly!" Ling Feiyang said, "And I also know that this person is Yan Hong Honglie, the sixth prince of the State of Jin!"
When this statement came out, everyone in the hall was shocked.
"This Yan Hong Honglie came to Lin ‘an to recover the old tribute, but he met the master who assassinated Wang Dao. He didn’t know that the master was skilled in martial arts and took several Jin Bing and Song Bing to chase after the master. He didn’t expect that he was almost killed!" Ling Feiyang said, "I know this because of my army!"
"In that case, I’m going to kill this Yan Hong Honglie and save Mrs. Yang!" Qiu Chuji suddenly pulled out his sword and walked outside the temple, but he felt dizzy in his head and almost fell down and stopped.
"It’s a top priority to kill the king of Jin, but this iron diamond poison is very overbearing. Please don’t use martial arts for three days!" "Wonderful" Zhu Cong hurriedly told Qiu Chuji.
桑拿网"Since you are all seriously injured, please cultivate in this temple for three days and then plan!" Jiao mu da Shi Dao
"I hope that Yan Hong Honglie can’t escape from my palm!" Qiu Chuji said bitterly.
"It seems that Qiu Chuji is definitely going to find Bao Xiruo, and the plot has finally come back!" Ling Feiyang was relieved in my heart.
Chapter 4 suspension spring counterattacked Han Xiaoying
The next day, Ling Feiyang was lying alone in the spread out bed, but he was unhappy.
"How to say it is that I saved their lives. Now I am injured, but no one has come to my heart …" Ling Feiyang was thinking about it but heard a gentle knock at the door.
Ling Feiyang hurriedly put on clothes and opened the door only to see Han Xiaoying pretty at the door with two packs of herbs in his hand.
"I’m sorry I’m late …" Han Xiaoying said and came in and closed the door with a backhand.
"Is Miss Han finished poisoning?" Ling Feiyang, of course, can’t forget to have a beautiful heart first.
"Thank you for your heart," Han Xiaoying said. "I’m here to give you medicine …"
"I also you forget me …" Ling Feiyang said.
"How come?" Han Xiaoying smiled. "They are more injured than you. I have to give them medicine first …"
"That’s your brothers were all wounded by my master and I was kicked by Duan Tiande who can’t fight martial arts …" Ling Feiyang can wry smile way.
"they all think that you are incurable, but I think that you are an ordinary person who can’t do martial arts! Even if Duan Tiande doesn’t know martial arts, this foot must be enough for you! Master Kuang Jiaomu also topped you! " Han Xiaoying Road
"Ahem, I just want to learn from a teacher. It’s better to improve my anti-strike ability …" Ling Feiyang said.
"Hee hee, you talk funny!" Han Xiaoying couldn’t help but laugh "Snow". Ling Feiyang saw Han Xiaoying’s smile like a flower and was a little emotional.
"This is this is external application!" Han Xiaoying said, "You sit by the bed and I’ll apply medicine to you!"
There is a favorite beauty who gives herself medicine. Ling Feiyang is naturally eager to sit on the bed. Han Xiaoying is a typical Jianghu chivalrous woman who doesn’t pay attention to "men and women don’t kiss each other". Then she quickly took off Ling Feiyang’s clothes and saw a big red seal on his chest, so she dipped her finger in herbal medicine and smeared it.