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Wen Lao said that I was better than my position, and I really didn’t understand it.

He said softly and slowly, "After Wen Lao and the noodle people want me to sit in that position, you must also attend various occasions with me … Wen Lao thinks you are very good and you must be able to handle it."
I opened my eyes wide in the dark.
Is that what Wen Lao meant?
That’s that b compliment for me.
I was quite excited and was about to speak.
I don’t know. Ye Xiangyuan suddenly bent down and smiled at me in a low voice before I could speak. "Baby, I never go into politics. That’s all regret. Now we should have more babies when we are in a hurry …"
I was bitten by him and couldn’t say a word.
After that, I couldn’t do it. I didn’t even have a root in consciousness. I couldn’t think-
Chapter 394 Young
Finally, I was so tired that I felt in a daze that Ye Xiangyuan wiped my body.
Then I fell asleep.
I woke up again with a gun.
As soon as I sat up,
It’s still dark outside. There’s a dim light in the night yard.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me and kissed my face. Judo "You continue to sleep and I’ll go out and have a look."
Say that finish also touched my waist if there is.
I suddenly felt a little embarrassed.
He was so energetic that I lost my mind. Later, he injured his arm and coaxed me to sit on him.
My waist still hurts.
Ye Xiangyuan kissed me again and went out of the bedroom.
The gun is sometimes big and sometimes small, and sometimes it doesn’t sound.
Section 343
I saw it at 2: 00 in the morning, which was the dead of night.
A group of people came during the day. This is the second group. It’s about to save Li jiaqi again.
Where can I sleep? I’m sitting on the bed waiting for Ye Xiangyuan to come back.
But he never went back to his room, but several female guards knocked at the door to protect me.
I thought about it and got up and went to the living room.
Besides Ye Wen, Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun all went outside to see the situation.
These men are all out. I think things should be more serious, so I sent someone to take Xiaojin and Xu Xin to the building, which is also a care.
Ye Wen comforted, "Ding Jie must be fine outside. Go back to sleep on your sofa."
It may be that there are many things these days, and his face looks rather haggard.
I remember the first time I met him, he was radiant and smiling, which made people feel like spring breeze.
In the past two years, he has become more and more stable, and his smile has decreased a little.
Maybe it’s because the burden is getting heavier.
I nodded and said, "You go to work and leave us alone."
Ye Wen turned and went out.
Xu Xin and I didn’t look at each other and didn’t mean to go back to sleep. I coaxed Xiaojin to sleep and then sat with Xu Xin waiting for news.
The guns are intermittent and occasionally exploded. I think the battle is still fierce.
I was anxious mainly because Ye Xiangyuan never showed up.
He still has a shoulder injury, and I’m afraid he will rush to the front regardless.
In this way, after about two hours, the gun stopped completely at four o’clock in the morning.
I’m secretly relieved that it’s over.
But Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun still didn’t come back.
Xu heart face also appearing anxious got up and said, "I’ll go out and have a look."
I’m a little hesitant. Will running out at this time cause them trouble?
However, Xu Xin’s skill is better than mine and her marksmanship is good, so it shouldn’t matter.
I was thinking about Yuan Xi coming in in a hurry.
He said, "Sister-in-law asked me to talk to you. Go back to your room and rest early without waiting for them."
I can’t help asking, "Is it over?"
Yuan Xi hesitated to say "not yet …"
I hurriedly ask.
It turns out that the enemy has not been withdrawn, but both sides have tacitly adopted silencing guns.
Although the villa is in the suburbs, shots were fired all night, accompanied by blasting, and perhaps the surrounding people were aware of it
If you call the police, you will be in trouble.
I sighed that it was destined to be a sleepless night.
桑拿会所  title=Yuan Xi repeatedly advised us to go back to our room, but I still wanted to wait for Ye Xiangyuan to come back.
Xu Xin insisted on staying with me. I guess she should be worried about Gu Changning, too. Of course I can’t refuse.
Yuan Xi said it was hard to say much and went out again.
Good Xiao Jin slept fairly well and was not affected by the outside world.
Xu Xin looked out at the dark night and suddenly debuted. "It’s so thrilling to be with them."
I sighed, "It should be fine when this period passes."
Xu Xin turned to me and said, "I hope so."
I listened to her strange tone and secretly wondered what she meant by these four words.
Don’t wait until this thing is over, Ye Xiangyuan, what thrilling things will they encounter?
Xu Xin may have seen that I was worried. "They have always been so troublesome. They and I have known each other since childhood, but they are not a law-abiding person."
She told me that Lu Xun, Gu Changning’s most idiot, had always been steady and Ye Xiangyuan was mysterious.
Gu Changning is an idiot because he doesn’t really have any bad intentions, but he is always impulsive, especially when he was young.
Just like when he was in love with Xu Xin, when other boys chased Xu Xin, he took his bodyguard and beat people up simply and rudely.