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"Add another tablespoon of salt and seasoning. Just one tablespoon. Don’t put too much, Dad!"
"… well"
"It should be cooked in one minute!"
Han Shu put the fried diced chicken with green pepper into a dish, immediately took a piece of chicken with chopsticks and blew it into the mouth of Gao Xiaobai, the commander at the next table. "Xiaobai, try it this time. It should be just right."
Gao Xiaobai puffed his mouth and chewed a few "mm-hmm". He kept nodding his little head and gave a thumbs-up sign. "Dad succeeded this time. Delicious!"
Han Shu immediately relieved.
This dish has been tried three times, but the amount of seasoning is not well mastered. Fortunately, everything comes to him who waits, and finally it is successful.
Gao Xiaobai is in charge of reading the raiders, and Han Shan is in charge of cooking. It seems that the two of them are not bad together.
Gao Xiaoxiao listened for a while and didn’t go in. He turned and went to the living room directly.
I turned on the LCD video-on-demand and watched the funniest variety show Gao Xiaoxiao’s soft sofa while waiting for dinner. It felt so comfortable.
Yes, I only watched it for a few minutes when my cell phone rang. Gao Xiaoxiao brought it here and took a look at Han Zhai’s call.
"Rainy son is my grandmother," the old lady asked with a smile. "Did you go back to Xiangsunseeker Garden and have dinner tonight? Does Aunt Yang live there? "
Gao Xiaoxiao honestly replied, "Ah Shu and Xiao Bai are cooking dinner. Aunt Yang is not here."
"….." There was no sound in the words for a long time before the old lady Han was surprised and said, "Oh, what kind of meal can this grandmother cook? Xiaobai is still a child. No, do you want me to let Aunt Lian go over and cook dinner for you and come back?"
"No, grandma, it’s too late." Gao Xiaoxiao was busy with a black line to stop her from being afraid that the old lady would stick to it. "Besides, it’s delicious that he cooks …"
Since Xiaobai said it was delicious, it should be really delicious, right?
Korea’s old lady repeatedly sighed, "men and vegetables who have never entered the kitchen before don’t know how many things can be cooked!" If you can’t go back like this, you can order takeout food. I’d better find a nanny to go there. Don’t starve my great-grandson day by day. "
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
At the same time, the dining table of the Yujia family in the military compound has long been full of laughter and laughter.
Han Minxia looks like a prospective bride sitting next to Yu Chengyan. Although it is a fake transaction marriage, it is the first time for her to come to Yu’s home as an adult. It is still false to say that she is not nervous with Yu Chengyan.
It’s not …
Yu old lady just spoke "Xia Xia ….."
"… huh?" Han Minxia shook "thud" a chopstick and dropped the table directly from his hand and bounced to the ground.
Yu Chengyan’s eyes smiled and shouted, "Wu Sao will bring another pair of chopsticks."
The old lady Yu didn’t talk. She looked at Wu Sister-in-law and quickly came in with a pair of chopsticks. Then Yu Chengyan took it and put it in Han Minxia’s small hand. She also held hands to help her hold a good note and spoil it and said, "Xia Xia, don’t drop it this time."
Han Minxia blushed and took a pair of chopsticks. Why did he take the opportunity to touch her hand when he was so close? Eat her tofu!
Opposite Yu Yuting, she gnashed her teeth with anger, and her heart kept on showing her love for os. She died quickly! Xiu En ‘ai died quickly! Xiu En ‘ai died quickly …
For others, they are smiling and enjoying themselves.
Old lady Yu continued, "Xia Xia, your grandmother and I discussed the wedding this afternoon and decided that November 1 is a good day for marriage. Are you all right?"
May be see Han Minxia some surprise, she immediately added, "although it is a bit hasty, you don’t care about anything. Just let Dongchen and his wife go. Just follow Cheng Yan to choose wedding dresses and jewelry."
Han Minxia glanced at Yu Chengyan and couldn’t help but express her opinion. "Grandma Yu, I still think … is a little too soon?"
It’s even today. Doesn’t that mean that she will be a married woman in one day? Although it was agreed that it was a fake marriage, I didn’t even have a buffer when I was so fast.
Old lady Yu walked over, "Don’t catch up, don’t catch up. Do you know that your sister Guangpu and her boyfriend are also getting engaged? Let’s arrange your wedding with Chengyan first and then do her things …"
Sun’s wedding is much more important than her granddaughter’s wedding.
Time Pu is getting engaged to Gu Bei? Han Minxia felt a burst of melancholy in her heart, and didn’t wait for her to think more …
"Bang!" Yu Yuting suddenly put the glass back on the table and sneered, "Grandma’s big brother and sister-in-law are not going to have a wedding, are they?"
Yudongchen’s face changed, and he took his daughter-in-law back to the private villa in the afternoon. Otherwise, they were biased against these children when they heard this.
Mrs. Han didn’t good the spirit looked at him. "It’s not because you’re a stinky little boy who is not at home. Your eldest brother said last night that he wouldn’t hold a wedding because his job is more dangerous. Anyway, they both got the certificate and are already husband and wife. What are you doing as a younger brother?"
On hearing this, Yu Yuting got up from his seat and moved too fast. The chair ground grinded out a harsh sound.
"Small three, what are you doing?" Yang Xi caressed his heart and looked at the child with some terror.
"I’m full and go out for a walk!" Yu Yuting glared at Yu Chengyan and Han Minxia with a Zhang Jun face, and this just lifted her feet and walked towards the outside of the dining room.
Han Minxia "…"
When she was embarrassed, her shoulders felt warm and tactile. At the same time, she was half-hugged by Yu Chengyan’s intimacy. The warm magnetic baritone almost leaned against her ear and said, "Thank you, grandma, thank you, mom and dad. Xia Xia and I have no problem. Let’s hold the wedding on the 1 ST as scheduled."
Section 12
The three old people nodded and smiled with satisfaction.
约茶After a brief greeting after dinner, Han Minxia secretly took Yu Chengyan to the balcony.
The three elders of the Yu family all look at the bedroom in the living room, and the words are too obvious and ambiguous. The balcony is very suitable for conversation.
"We agreed to get married first, but I want to make three chapters with you!" Han Minxia a serious said
He has been tampering with the dinner table just now to protect his own interests. She has to make this plan.
"Well, you say it, I promise," said Yu Chengyan.
May be didn’t expect him to be so frank Han Minxia leng once said, "there are three points. First of all, don’t be too close to me after marriage. Don’t touch it casually; The second point is that although we are husband and wife, we are still independent individuals. Don’t restrict and ask me about my whereabouts every day. The third point is best to sleep in separate beds … "
"Stop!" Yu Chengyan stretched out his hand and stopped her "the third point is no good"
"What?" Han Minxia immediately took a step back with a jerk. "Don’t you …"
Lie to her? Still thinking about her?
"I hate to let you sleep on the sofa. The sofa in my room is very small." Yu Chengyan said calmly.