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She was moved by this little song.

"You’re welcome, I didn’t help you anything." Yu Ge folded her clothes and slowly put them into her bag. "If you need any help after returning to the dormitory, just ask me. If I can do it, I will definitely help you."
He Lianyin smiled and remained silent.
Yu Ge is afraid that she will continue to talk and have nothing to talk to her. "I will often see you later."
He Lianyin smiled and bowed his head. "No, I hurt my hand and I’m not disabled. It’s not so troublesome, and there are other girls in the dormitory who will help me."
"How about the same school and the foreign school? Don’t get me wrong. I went to see you out of classmates’ feelings. "
She didn’t speak for a long time and looked at her fingers and eyes motionless.
Yu Ge packed the clothes and zipped the bag. "ok, the clothes are packed."
Hector even Yoon finally raised his head and looked calm "thank you"
"You’re welcome," Yu Ge thought for a while and tentatively asked, "Are you not even going to tell about this?"
The smile in Hector even Yoon’s eyes dissipated into a cold silence.
"I don’t want him to worry."
"Are you afraid he knows? Still don’t want him to know? "
His words easily attacked her heart. He Lianyin didn’t speak and looked at his fingers in silence.
Of course she didn’t want him to know.
How can you tell others if you don’t even want to accept things yourself?
She is a self-improvement, self-study, self-discipline and self-denial. If she can’t get through herself, she won’t say it to others. She doesn’t want others to pity her because she doesn’t need it.
Two hours later.
He Lianyin finished intravenous drip.
Yu Ge put her bag in her hand.
HeLianYin heart moved slowly bent down to wear shoes.
Unexpectedly, as soon as she finished wearing shoes, she was picked up by Yu Ge.
Those arms are very strong
Hold her tight but it doesn’t hurt at all.
HeLianYin frightened to disgrace struggled to say "? Let me come quickly! "
"Don’t move. You’re still very weak after intravenous drip. Rest with your eyes closed. I’ll take you upstairs to stop a taxi."
Section 163
"Don’t go out of the hospital like this? Let me come. "
"Don’t refuse me," Yu Ge said with a cold face. "And even if you refuse, your body can’t earn my arms."
He Lianyin continued to struggle.
Unexpectedly, her head was dizzy, her fever was still not over, and her heavy brain was under control. She was so quiet that she fell into the arms of Song. He took herself to a taxi, and he took her to the dormitory to attract some onlookers.
Yu Ge said flatly, "Yin is injured and inconvenient."
Everyone smell speech is dispersed in a hubbub.
He Lianyin blushed and didn’t know whether it was because of fever or shame.
The last few days
He Lianyin went to class at noon as usual and stayed in the dormitory for self-study at noon.
Yu Ge reconfigured the corner of her eyes and often came to see her with classmates. Several people were not noisy and sat around her bedroom to discuss the technical problems together. Occasionally Yu Ge would come and sit by her bed with fruit and take care of her while watching.
桑拿论坛He Lianyin always said with a smile, "I’m ready. If you don’t treat me as a patient, I can just hit someone."
After the initial recovery from a serious illness, her face was emaciated and haggard, but her eyes were calm and detached from the lens.