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I decided to wait for him and open the living room to watch and brush my mobile phone.

Mainly … I spent the night here on my first day, and Ye Xiangyuan didn’t arrange a room for me. I don’t know where to sleep.
I looked at the movement of the network because Xiaoyan forwarded it to me, and the netizens in Weibo really had another uproar.
Later, the direction of the topic became very strange. Everyone guessed which young master of Ye’s family was cheating and persecuting artists.
At first, I was worried that Ye Xiangyuan’s identity would be exposed, and I didn’t see the substance for a long time before I could rest assured.
The big wooden wall clock on the wall points to eleven o’clock at midnight, and Ye Xiangyuan still disappears.
In the dead of night, I turned down my video tone, and I slowly fell asleep in the fighting of martial arts dramas.
In a daze, I felt as if someone had picked me up and awakened from my sleep in an instant.
It’s Ye Xiangyuan
He put his hands firmly through my armpit and leg socket, which is the standard princess hug posture.
I gently grabbed his chest clothes "you’re back"
He bowed his head and kissed me on the forehead "to sleep in the room"
桑拿网I’m still awake and humming.
Seems to hear him laugh.
It cleared me up a little, and then I thought he wouldn’t take me to his bedroom …
Section 6
Chapter 65 [Who are you]
Okay, it’s the guest room
When I was put to bed, my brain finally woke up.
I noticed that he was no longer in that uniform, but even casual clothes looked just as good.
Remembering that it was that time, I was in the same room with him again, and I couldn’t help but grasp the sheets nervously.
Instead of leaving, he sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me quietly.
I think my palms are sweating …
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly gently held my hand.
My body was stiff and I didn’t dare to earn it. He held it stiffly.
He didn’t speak for a moment.
There is no light in the room, but there is light outside the courtyard. You can vaguely see his elegance and facial features, but you can’t see his face expression clearly.
This silence makes me more cautious and alarmed.
When I was about to breathe, he spoke in a low voice, "Would you like to get along well with us later?"
I looked at him in the dim light, and his eyes became more and more bottomless. I translated his words in my mind and slowly understood his meaning.
He means … after that, we try to get along like a real couple?
Maybe it’s because I’ve been silent about his judo. "Today, I saw you sitting there looking at a loss and taking measures … I just thought I couldn’t let you get hurt again … let me take care of you, okay?"
It turned out to be this reason.
I smiled slightly.
Actually, I was so handsome by his uniform …
But it’s better not to let him know about this beautiful misunderstanding.
He gently stroked my hair. "Uncle and aunt will be fine. Don’t worry."
I bit my lip tightly.