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Obviously, sake is more crazy than you. "It’s not patience to burn the fire temple. It’s letting them go back alive. Maybe they will grope for secrets and go out. There will be trouble." He paused and said, "We managers not only hope that our area will not be damaged, but also hope that the tomb will not be disturbed."

"Yes" monarchists can understand this sentiment above loyalty, so they also choose to respect the choice of managers.
Sake mount is very slender at first glance. It looks like a cat, but it is very shiny. Before birth, the owner loved it very much. When you look closer, although it is slender, there is no trace of fat, and it feels even. The texture is rich and explosive, and the figure is even bigger than that of Marooned. Sharp claws and a few crystal clear barbs on the back of teeth. The forehead is long and short, and the two apex angles are like sharp edges. The hairy tail occasionally shakes and looks lazy and full of strength.
"It’s really good." Jun Kuang identified a sake mount.
It is normal that the branches of ancient big cats are as big as hills with few variations and impure colors and are excluded by the whole ethnic group.
You crazy carefully looked at the huge slaughter shadow leopard in front of you. It was much smaller than the ordinary slaughter shadow leopard, and the color of lost face was even more mottled. It seems that it was because of being excluded from sake by ethnic groups that there was a chance to adopt it.
However, whether the fangs of the captive beast are as sharp as he saw can be understood later.
"It was abandoned by my mother when I was young, and I witnessed it being kicked out of the group at that time. At that time, I was too soft-hearted to think of keeping a pet. I didn’t expect it to be capable, especially fast and ghostly. More importantly, it can completely hide its tracks and actions without leaving traces, even its body shape." Sake said, "It belongs to model one."
Talking, the shadow leopard’s figure began to fade and gradually became transparent.
Your crazy hand touched it, and you will feel a little hard hair, but your hand reached over without hindrance.
桑拿  title="Tao" he was not surprised.
There are good and bad variations, some are leap-forward evolution, and some are deficient. Obviously, this shadow leopard group has not discovered its extraordinary talent, but it has made sake a bargain.
"Please put some things around carefully for defense."
Jun put a piece of Long Lin and a few pills of Dan medicine and a golden shield on the ground, and surrounded the periphery with a solid one foot away and added a layer of golden shield.
He especially felt that he didn’t want to add some difficulty, so he added another layer one meter away.
Except the ground, he was blocked by the golden shield in all five directions, and the most difficult thing to destroy the remains of the god burn is the ground. Jun Kuang is curious about how powerful this shadow leopard is.
"You can have these things if you can get them." He smiled generously.
"You’re welcome if you belong to it." Sake sounds as if it were empty.
Jun Kuang didn’t feel any fluctuation around him, so he found that the golden scales protected by him were missing one. Before he was surprised, he lost another one.
After the scales are visible to the naked eye, the speed decreases, and the aura of the surrounding world is very peaceful and can’t detect fluctuations.
This skill is really unique.
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-five Loss of achievement method
"I don’t think there is any achievement method that can do this without leaving any trace." Jun said crazily, "Well, everything is yours, so you can come out."
"Thank you, Master". When the shadow leopard reappears, it is in the middle of a golden shield.
You are crazy and squinting, and your eyesight is firm. There is no trace of this golden shield. Even stepping on the top of the golden shield of Catwalk and slaughtering the shadow leopard seems to be an illusion.
"Can you help me out?" Jun said with laughter.
Sake has no private meaning.
The shadow leopard is an extinct branch of the ancient big cat. It is said that in ancient times, ancestors were able to separate objects from each other, and they could conjure up a 90%-strong doppelganger with the same fortune as the true and false body.
The blood strength of the shadow leopard inherited from the ancient times has been very thin, and there are few strong people who return to the ancient times. Anyone who has a strong person who returns to the ancient times will be respected by a patriarch in this world, just like the shadow leopard who was mistakenly kicked out of the ethnic group because of its color in front of the monarch.
It can be said that the encounter between the shadow leopard and sake is fate to some extent.
Fate is a very subtle word, which can be regarded as a subtle connection that is destined in the dark, or as a pure excuse. There are always many reasons why fate can’t explain the butterfly effect.
Shadow leopards are naturally close to each other, and there is no one strain of achievement in a race. There are forces in the blood that pull them to exert their respective strengths.
There are ancient leopards who can imitate and attempt to crack the slaughter shadow. They have a similar skill. The tactic of slaughter shadow is that this skill is so demanding on physical strength that it is unbelievable. Even the author practices this skill, and many monks who come into contact with it feel that they have lost their arms because their physical strength can’t meet the requirements or they are too old to practice.
There is another way for them to practice smoothly. They need a medium to kill the leopard horn.
It’s hard to give up the killing of the shadow. The monks turn to the target and kill the shadow leopard. If they lose the horn, they will lose all their abilities and die.
This is also the main reason that led to the annihilation of the shadow-killing leopard group in the long history, and it is also the beginning that the shadow-killing tactic was forgotten.
With the slaughter shadow leopard group no longer trying to rely on the cultivation of the slaughter shadow tactic, it is a blockbuster. The friar has to give up holding the crystal horn of the slaughter shadow leopard. Instead, the friar finds that having the crystal horn may not be able to cultivate because the quality of the horn depends on the talent of the slaughter shadow leopard.
Without the powerful talent of the heads of families, the crystal angle can hardly get up.
It can be said that the disappearance of the Shadow Leopard clan is caused by the greed of the Terran monks, but the consequence is not that this clan can bear it, and it is ultimately regrettable.